Foundation fund

A boy’s lemonade stand raises money for a memorial scholarship fund

Nolan Brown helps a grieving family create a lasting memory with a little help from thirsty and very generous customers.

DARIEN CENTER, NY – If you’re driving through Western New York this summer, you’re bound to see a lemonade stand or two.

While most kids might hope to sell a few mugs for a little extra pocket money, 7-year-old Nolan Brown has set his sights on a bigger goal: raising thousands of dollars for charity.

Nolan, with help from mom and dad, set up his very first lemonade stand in 2020 during the pandemic. He raised funds for one of his father’s former students; she was raising money for a march in honor of her father. Last year, Nolan was back selling lemonade to raise money for the Preston Brown Foundation.

This year, there is a special community connection to its fundraising efforts.

The money he raised – $2,700 and more – is going to a scholarship fund in memory of Jeremy Gabbey. The 39-year-old member of the Pembroke community recently died following surgery. He leaves behind a wife and a teenage son.

The scholarship will be awarded to a student-athlete from Pembroke High School. Details are still being worked out, but Gabbey’s father said the recipient should embody his son’s character and work ethic on and off the pitch.

“With this scholarship fund, we want to seek out kids who have the same determination and who want to continue and play at the next level. Be a student-athlete and be a friend, because that is a big part of his character and who he is,” says Guy Gabbey.

Jeremy Gabbey and Nolan were separated by decades but bonded by a small community and an even sweeter gesture than is for sale.

“It brings tears to our eyes because you see the love, care and support. For Nolan, he doesn’t know Jeremy, who he is and his character, but he knows it’s a community. Jeremy was all Pembroke,” Guy Gabby said.

Word spread on social media before the booth even opened and Nolan raised $700 before pouring a single cup. It has no specific objective. He just said he wants to make a lot of money to help people.

The lemonade stand was a one-day event, but Nolan and his parents are still raising money for the scholarship fund. If you would like to donate, you can send donations to @Arron-Brown-5 on Venmo.