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A non-profit organization assists veterans and their families

Veterans abound in San Diego County, and many of them confront challenges after leaving active service. Transitioning to civilian life sometimes necessitates extra schooling and, in many circumstances, financial aid. Since 1904, a nonprofit organization known as the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) has assisted veterans facing similar issues $255 @ Ipass.

Veterans and their families realized the need for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society long before it was established. The government couldn’t afford to give rewards to its military troops back then. There were no medical benefits for military families and no retirement pensions or survivors’ benefits for the families of those who died in the service. Sailors and Marines would often “pass the hat” to raise donations for the widows and orphans of their shipmates.

The group was founded to provide vets and their families with more official and structured support. The first money came from the profits of a 1903 Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia, which collected $9,500 for enlisted men’s widows and dependents. The society’s financial and educational support initiatives have been extended multiple times to address new and developing needs. The society’s headquarters are in Arlington, Virginia, but it maintains offices on Navy and Marine Corps sites all around the nation and around the globe. There are both paid and volunteer roles available at the organization.

All volunteers get training as they advance through the ranks, first at the front desk, then aiding with Quick Assist Loans for customers, and finally casework for bigger loans. Depending on the service member’s overall financial status, financial help is offered in an interest-free loan or a grant. NMCRS also operates a Thrift Shop on the Navy installation where volunteers labor and a qualified nurse who visits combat-injured marines and sailors throughout Southern California at no cost to them. The Aid Society also provides financial assistance to new families and emergency travel and catastrophe relief.

Andrea Mintz, a long-time area resident, resigned from the California Attorney General’s office two years ago and began volunteering.

“I had no experience or acquaintance with the military before coming to NMCRS,” she continues, “so I truly love learning about this field.” More significantly, I get to assist sailors and marines with their urgent financial requirements, allowing them to reduce stress, concentrate on their duties, and avoid taking out a high-interest loan from a payday lender. When I can provide a customer an interest-free loan, I feel like Santa Claus.”

NMCRS has six offices in San Diego County, with locations on all major military facilities, so volunteers have many options when it comes to where they choose to volunteer. Volunteers at NMCRS may also set their hours, giving them even more freedom.

“CMRS is sincerely devoted to ensuring that volunteers are adequately taught and feel productive and that their contributions are recognized,” Mintz explains. I’ve met new people, and, most importantly, I’m able to give back to the sailors and marines who protect our nation.”