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ADKing Foundation USA partners with Atiba University

A team from ADking Foundation USA led by the
the President, Mrs. Barber Naomi King, along with the President, Professor Babs Onabanjo and Mr. Stonestreet recently paid a courtesy visit to Atiba University, Oyo to foster academic synergy, collaboration and partnership agreements.

The focus area agreed by the two institutions, as reflected in the signed Memorandum of Understanding, includes partnership in the development of academic excellence between the two institutions.

The partnership and collaboration agreement between ADking Foundation USA and Atiba University Oyo is expected to cover areas such as; providing mentorship to Atiba University on academic excellence, growth and development as well as facilitating access to international libraries.

The synergy will also involve additional partnership with some highly rated universities in the United States, including the facilitation of student exchange programs between Atiba University students and American universities, as well as other strategic arrangements aimed at to enhance Atiba Oyo University as the university of choice for human capital, national and international academic development and growth.

Founder and President of Atiba University Oyo, James Adesokan Ojebode PhD, JP thanked the ADking USA Foundation team for finding Atiba University Oyo worthy of collaborating in the field of excellence academic. He also encouraged the leadership of Atiba University to effectively use this great opportunity to propel research and innovative activities at Atiba Oyo University to enviable heights within the Nigerian university system. He emphasized that international collaboration is one of the important considerations for a university to remain globally relevant.