Foundation series

Apple releases Isaac Asimov Foundation series teaser on Apple TV Plus

Jared Harris plays in the Apple Foundation.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser / CNET

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It’s not just about iPhones and Apple Watches at the 2020 World Developer Conference. Apple dropped a surprise preview of Foundation, a series based on Isaac Asimov’s founding novels, during its WWDC on Monday.

“The Foundation tells about a gang of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire,” Apple said in the show’s description.

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Watch Foundation’s First Trailer for Apple TV Plus


The foundation features Jared Harris, known for Chernobyl and Mad Men, as math teacher Hari Seldon. This is not a typical teaser video. It begins with a short behind-the-scenes segment before delving into the footage from the show.

“People have been trying to create Foundation for over 50 years,” said showrunner David Goyer, calling the Asimov series “the greatest science fiction work of all time.”

Apple completes its line of original televisions, which also includes the Vehicle Jason Momoa View on a world where everyone is blind.

The teaser shows that Foundation will be both dark and deep. It will arrive on the Apple TV Plus streaming service in 2021.