Foundation series

AppleTV+ reveals release date and full trailer for Asimov’s Foundation series

Legendary science fiction author Isaac Asimov Foundation The series is just shy of celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2022, but AppleTV+ is celebrating early with its big-budget series arriving on the premium streaming service on Friday, September 24, 2021. Three episodes will drop on premiere day, followed by a new weekly episode, every Friday.

The adaptation is the first-ever screen adaptation of the books and has been in the works for four years, starring David S. Goyer (Blade), guiding the creation as showrunner with input and assistance from Robyn Asimov, the author’s daughter, as executive producer. The 10-episode first season features genre favorites Lee Pace (The Hobbit trilogy) as Brother Day, Emperor of the Galaxy and Jared Harris (Terror) as mathematician, Hari Seldon, in this heady tale of a future Galactic Empire facing its impending demise. Seldon offers a way to secure the future of civilization that is not easily accepted by those in power, the ruling Cleons.

AppleTV+ also has the first extended look at the series, with the cast in action, in an impressive cinematic production similar to game of thrones:

While Asimov’s Foundation series began as short stories in 1942, the author eventually formalized and expanded the storytelling in the Foundation Trilogy: Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation. New volumes and books were added from 1981 and onwards. It’s not yet known how the source works are used in the adaptation, or if there will be any new material created exclusively for this narrative.

In an exclusive interview with EO, Goyer explains that the entire book series is rooted in Asimov’s Jewish roots and his observations on the rise of Nazism. “He wondered why this terrible thing happened with the Holocaust. If we look back in history, could we have prevented it from happening? There was a lot of background leading to the Holocaust going back generations and generations. Asimov responded to the idea of, how can we prevent these things from happening again? Humanity seems to fall into the same trap over and over again.

He also compared Harris’ Seldon to the real Dr. Fauci in that he’s the smartest man in the room in the face of intense pushback. “One of the things I look forward to exploring with [Hari’s] The character is what it takes to be a person who realizes that the world is going to end in a very bad way, realizes that he has to break this news to everyone, and realizes that none of these people cannot be saved. They will be their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. How does he try to get people to build something that will last beyond their lifetime? So he’s got this incredibly heavy weight on his shoulders and this burden of like, “I’m just telling you what the math is.” Don’t blame the messenger,” which of course everyone wants to do. »

Production on Season 1 wrapped this year after filming in remote COVID bubble locations in Malta, Tuineje, Fuerteventura and Tenerife.