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Arizona Community Foundation donors gave $147 million

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The Arizona Community Foundation and its donors and partners are pleased to announce the distribution of grants, scholarships, small business assistance and loans for its fiscal year ending March 31, 2022. A total of 147,193 $601 was granted from funds from the Arizona Community Foundation and its six statewide affiliates in Cochise, Flagstaff, the Gila Valley, Sedona, Yavapai County and Yuma.

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“A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, ACF donors continued to give in record numbers as a new normal began to take shape,” said Steve Seleznow, President and CEO of ACF. ‘ACF. “While some landscapes have changed, the philanthropic core of Arizona donors and communities has not changed, as organizations have viewed support in multiple ways.”

Excluding Small Business Relief Grants and Impact Loans, ACF and its donors distributed more than $113 million across 7,345 grants, representing a 22% increase from FY21. Discretionary and advised grants and scholarships were awarded in five strategic priority areas: Health Innovations, Community Improvement and Development, Environment and Sustainability, Arts and Culture, and Quality Education.

In the area of ​​quality education, the Arizona Community Foundation awarded grants and scholarships totaling $33 million during the year, including $5.4 million in college scholarships benefiting 1,707 students from Arizona. The Arizona Community Foundation is the largest independent provider of college scholarships in the state.

With nearly $46 million, Health Innovations grants received the largest share of distributions, which were awarded to 2,914 organizations and programs in health, healthcare, medical research and various social services.

More than $6.8 million has been allocated to 596 programs in the Community Improvement and Development category, which includes economic development, law, justice, public safety, housing and neighborhood programs.

Just over $4.9 million was donated to 533 organizations and programs in the areas of environment and sustainability, including environmental education, renewable resources, conservation and animal welfare.

A total of $5.7 million was awarded to 480 arts and culture organizations across Arizona, including artists, music and cultural institutions.

In addition to these grants, 138 nonprofit organizations with dedicated agency endowments managed by the Arizona Community Foundation received their annual distributions, representing the remaining $17,163,358 distributed during the year.

ACF has also awarded more than $30 million to 1,930 small businesses and nonprofits impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, through ongoing partnerships with Maricopa County and the City of Phoenix.

ACF has become a national leader in impact investing, through which the Arizona Community Foundation and its partners invested an additional $3.6 million in below-market loan funding to six organizations in fiscal year 2022 .

These funds work alongside traditional grants to achieve two important goals: produce measurable social impact; and building up resources for future investments. Working with a variety of financial partners, funders and nonprofit leaders, ACF’s Impact Lending Program produces capital solutions that are more robust than grants alone.

DURING THE FOURTH QUARTER OF FISCAL YEAR 2022, the Arizona Community Foundation distributed $34,490,862 in grants and scholarships. These dollars were awarded between January 1 and March 31, 2022 in five priority strategic areas: health innovations, community improvement and development, environment and sustainability, arts and culture, and quality education.


In the fourth quarter, the Arizona Community Foundation was able to support Ukrainian efforts with $346,800 in awarded funds. A total of 64 different organizations have accessed generous donations as part of an effort to help with the current crisis in Ukraine. There are currently 19 different funds to help support the Ukrainian people on the ACF website. The funds support everything from women and children to access to food and clean water. Please visit for more information on how to support ongoing Ukrainian relief efforts.

Health Innovations: A total of $8.3 million was awarded to 747 organizations and programs in health, healthcare, medical research and various social services. Among the quarterly distributions were: $20,000 from Season for Sharing to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Valley School Success Program and $340,500 from the Betty Carnes Endowment Fund to the Regional Agency on Aging to support home-delivered meals for seniors and people with disabilities in Scottsdale.

DONOR HIGHLIGHTS: Boys and Girls Clubs of the Valley

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley is the largest youth-serving organization in the Valley. Offering affordable after-school and summer programs, parents trust Boys and Girls Clubs of the Valley to provide a safe, positive and fun environment for their children’s non-school time. The organization’s target population is low-income and at-risk youth. Currently, 58% of members live below the federal poverty level ($25,100 for a family of four). At Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley, young people have the chance to focus on more than just surviving; they have the opportunity to set concrete goals to overcome the generational or situational poverty in which they have had to live.

Community improvement and development:

A total of $1.6 million was awarded to 137 organizations and programs in this category, which includes housing, community and neighborhood development, financial literacy training, legal aid and crime prevention programs . Among the distributions awarded this quarter was a $60,900 unrestricted grant from the Arizona Equal Justice Foundation to Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc.

Environment & Sustainability:

A total of $850,397 was awarded to 144 organizations and programs in the areas of environmental education, renewable resources, conservation and animal welfare. Among the distributions for the quarter was a $3,750 grant from the Two Pups Wellness Fund to the Forever Friends Humane Society to cover medical expenses.

Art & Culture:

A total of $1.5 million was awarded to 123 arts and culture organizations across Arizona. Among the grants were: $130,000 from the Newton and Betty Rosenzweig Fund for the Arts to the Arizona Arts Commission for grantmaking and professional development services and support for Arizona artists and $20,000 $ from ASIS to the Smithsonian Institute for an Artist x Artist Donation to the Hishorn Museum.

Quality Education:

During this quarter, a total of $3 million was awarded in scholarships and education-related grants. Among the grants were: $15,000 from the Pakis Family Foundation to Teach for America for general support.

University scholarships amounted to $122,797, awarded to benefit 40 students pursuing graduate studies in the last quarter of fiscal year 2022. University scholarships are awarded to Arizona students to attend a wide range of colleges, d universities and technical schools in Arizona and across the United States.

During the fourth quarter, $18 million supported 1,300 small businesses and nonprofits through ACF’s ongoing partnerships with local municipalities. In addition to these grants, 24 nonprofit organizations with agency endowments managed by the Arizona Community Foundation received their annual distributions during ACF’s fiscal fourth quarter, totaling $1 million distributed to the course of the quarter.

The $34.5 million awarded in the last quarter of FY22, all categories combined, represents 2,701 grants and scholarships. Some grants are awarded at the discretion of the Arizona Community Foundation with input from board committees and various community panels, while others are awarded through donor guidance. All grants are approved or ratified by ACF’s Donor and Community Engagement Committee, whose members include representatives of the ACF Board of Directors and other community leaders.

About the Community Foundation of Arizona

Established in 1978, the Arizona Community Foundation is a family of statewide charitable funds supported by thousands of Arizonans. With five regional offices serving Arizona communities, ACF is among the top 25 community foundations in the nation with over $1.1 billion in trust and endowment assets and is certified to the National Standards for US Community Foundations. Since its inception, ACF and its affiliates have awarded more than $1.1 billion in grants, scholarships, and loans to nonprofits, schools, and government agencies. More information is available at

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