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Bassett Receives $82 Million Scriven Foundation Grant to Support Improved Access to Care and Key Workforce Investments

Bassett Medical Center received an $82 million grant from the Scriven Foundation to make rapid improvements resulting in better access to patient care. The health system will also launch major staff recruitment and retention initiatives in key areas.

“Bassett has strived to provide excellent patient care as a leader in promoting healthy rural communities for more than a century,” said Tommy Ibrahim, MD, MHA, President and Chief Executive Officer. from Bassett Healthcare Network. “Like hospitals and health systems across the country, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created many retention and recruitment challenges, particularly among physicians, advanced practice clinicians and nurses, which has a negative and unacceptable impact on patients’ access to care.”

“Bassett provides patient care and services across eight counties and 5,600 square miles in central New York State,” notes Jane Forbes Clark, chair of the Bassett Medical Center board of trustees and president of the Foundation. Scriven.

“The organization’s enormous footprint connects many thousands of patients to care that otherwise would not have access to it. I am proud of the tremendously important work that Bassett has done for more than 100 years – and continues to build on – in rural medicine. On behalf of the Scriven Foundation, we are pleased to offer this impactful investment to bolster resources, benefits and recruitment efforts for clinical staff at Bassett,” says Jane Forbes Clark.

“We are deeply grateful to the Scriven Foundation and Jane Forbes Clark for their outstanding support of Bassett and the communities we serve. This grant is extremely generous and truly transformative for Bassett,” added Dr. Ibrahim.

“Our continued success as an independent healthcare system is possible through mission-driven partnerships with organizations like the Scriven Foundation,” notes Dr. Ibrahim.

“This innovative grant will fund new programs to address the challenges that rural healthcare operations face every day while ensuring continued financial stability,” said Doug Hastings, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bassett Healthcare Network. Some of the programs the Scriven Foundation Restricted Grant will make possible include new and improved investments in:

  • More competitive salaries, benefits and retirement for practitioners
  • Improving access to childcare for employees
  • Increase affordable housing options for employees
  • Develop new mentorship opportunities with local nursing schools
  • Reduce administrative demands on practitioners by acquiring more support staff and implementing technology-driven solutions
  • Increase education and training programs for clinical staff

“This grant is truly a game-changer for patient care at Bassett,” said Dr. Henry Weil, COO of Bassett Medical Center and clinical and academic director of the Bassett Healthcare Network.

“From our founding in 1922 to today, Bassett has discovered innovative ways to push the boundaries of rural health. The opportunities and benefits this grant provides are immeasurable as we strive to reaffirm Bassett as the best place to work and practice and the best-in-class academic medical center. Most importantly, it ensures greater access, improved care, health and well-being for our patients and our communities,” adds Dr. Weil.

In addition to the Scriven Foundation grant, Bassett recently announced that it had already invested approximately $50 million in increasing compensation for its non-practicing workforce last year.

Bassett also continues to grow and deepen its partnership with Columbia University through their shared medical education, research, and clinical initiatives, helping to foster healthy rural communities.

“As a passionate advocate for advanced rural health care, I am extremely excited about the transformational impact this Scriven Foundation grant will have on the longstanding partnership between Columbia University and Bassett,” said Katrina Armstrong, MD, chief executive of Columbia University. Irving Medical Center and Dean of Health Sciences and Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. “This is a great day for our patients and for those of us who are committed to addressing disparities and advancing health equity.

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