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Building for the future: Tacoma Defiance ticket sales will help fund RAVE Foundation mini-pitches in local communities

“We don’t just build a play space and go,” Fosberg noted. “We offer programs that can reach out to a community and use football to help solve problems. Local educators told us that parents in low-income communities need more resources to help their preschoolers prepare to enter kindergarten ready to learn We worked with early childhood educators to design a program that gives parents the tools, using a soccer ball, to help their youngsters move their bodies while developing their cognitive skills. This program, called First Kicks, was built from a need identified by communities, and we hope to bring it to every community where a RAVE pitch exists. In fact, Tacoma Defiance players helped us demonstrate the program during our field opener at Boze Elementary in Tacoma last year.

“We have several programs that serve different age groups and different needs that have been identified by the community,” Fosberg continued. “These programs use football as a hook, but they are not about football at all. They help children learn and promote well-being.

Sample programs placed on and around the RAVE pitches include art workshops, STEM programs, football skills training and career exploration events. All RAVE programs are free to the communities they serve.

According to Tacoma Defiance player Joe Hafferty, who grew up in Seattle and came through Sounders Academy, working with the RAVE Foundation adds deeper meaning to the team.

“We were actually lucky enough to go to Tacoma and see one of their mini-courts open [at Boze Elementary],” he said. “I thought it was a good atmosphere and a good event. I’m glad we can play a part in giving back to the community because it means so much to us. It means so much to this club. It’s just a small piece but it goes a long way.

You can purchase tickets for Tacoma Defiance games at Starfire Sports HERE.

For more information about the RAVE Foundations 26 Fields by 2026 campaign and the programming involved in their charitable efforts, click HERE.