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Calhoun County Community Foundation creates crisis fund

CALHOUN COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) — March threw curve balls at us with fires, riots and tornadoes, and local first responders were there through it all.

“Like the wildfire we just had, and I mentioned the hurricane a few minutes ago, a lot of volunteers were out there,” Calhoun County Sheriff Glenn Kimbrel said.

Now, the Calhoun County Community Foundation has created a way for locals to give back and support first responders: a crisis fund.

“The Community Crisis Fund is just one way for residents to have support during a crisis situation,” said Community Foundation President Jami Daniels Joe. “We kind of like to think of it as a localized Red Cross, if you will.”

The fund will not be used for individual Calhoun County residents, but for first responders like deputies, EMS and firefighters in emergencies.

After the recent Bertha Swamp Fire, the need for a fund like this has become a little more real.

“It could happen at any time, on any date,” said County Commissioner and Carr-Clarksville Fire Department Fire Chief Darryl O’Bryan.

“Living in a small community, people will always respond to need,” Joe said. “It’s just when there’s a greater financial need that people may not be able to bring supplies but they want to donate, that’s a safe way to do that.”

Local first responders say they are grateful to have this extra support.

“It’s just a good fund to help with expenses and everything, to help get through this emergency,” O’Bryan said.

“When you work for us 24/7 trying to fix what’s wrong and protect us and whatever it is, support us, you’re going to feed us and take care of us while we are here to try to take care of you,” Kimbrel said.

With this fund, the inhabitants can take care of the inhabitants.

To donate to the Calhoun County Crisis Fund, visit calhouncountycf.orgvisit the Calhoun-Liberty Credit Union or send a check to the Calhoun County Community Crisis Fund at PO Box 1096 Blountstown, Fla. 32424.

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