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Celebrating 10 years in a new book, the VFILES Foundation seeks to break more rules

On Monday, May 23, 2022, fashion disruptor and open door for many young artists, designers and fashionistas, VFILES, hosted a dinner party that foreshadows the next generation of VFILES fashion alumni thanks to the charitable efforts initiated by its Foundation VFILES. This time, VFILES and its Foundation are changing the way nonprofits educate, support and promote talent.

VFILES has chronicled her fashion journey as a platform for younger and newer talent to gain the experience needed to thrive in the fashion industry. Since 2012, the retailer and fashion brand has provided many opportunities for designers to show off their talent, one of which is a company highlight, the VFILES Runway show. The days and nights moments in the retail space located at 12 Mercer Street in Soho, New York are also the memories created that represent the philosophy of VFILES. VFILES’ sartorial influence is brought to life in a new coffee table book, VFILES: Style, Fashion, Musicwhich shares intimate moments of young designers in their most modest and creative form.

The VFILES Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded under VFILES in 2020, a pivotal year for fashion as Covid temporarily slowed business. Opportunities for the entire industry, especially those with limited resources in underserved communities, have been stymied.

The VFILES Foundation will provide the resources needed to reinvent the fashion industry and redefine the world in which fashion exists. These designated resources give Gen Z and Gen Alpha an entry point into the fashion ecosystem. Information and support aim to promote brands that make sense while introducing them to a new generation of conscious consumers.

Through VFILES, this innovative and inclusive community programming will offer a range of incubators, curricula, grants, research, development, and policy. Programs include; DISCOVERY PLATFORM, COMMUNITY and LAB. These are the pillars of opportunity that aim to propel the culture forward. In a public statement, VFILES says its “mission is to increase business ownership for creators in underrepresented communities (BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+) through seed grants, mentorship, training, and of the exhibition”.

The VFILES Lab is an incubator for young creators, providing grants and marketing necessary for their growth as artists. As a non-profit organization, VFILES invites participants through an application process to access non-dilutive capital, access to the mentoring committee, expert field pairings, educational workshops , networking events and office hours with the Board of Directors, access to the Board of Directors and advisors.

With free and accessible online education programs, VFILES COMMUNITY will deliver advocacy and awareness efforts that will amplify creative talents in fashion, music, arts, and other cultural avenues. Programming for narrative change with new leaders is an example of what will lead VFILES and its entry into areas like Web3 and the NFT fashion market.

VFILES is still moving at its own pace, adding music to its reputation and bringing in the likes of A$AP Rocky, Cardi B and Atrak to perform in the infamous retail space known for occasionally bothering neighbors and during parties. other events. These moments that encompass the VFILES spirit are captured in his new coffee table book. Pass the Aux programming is one of the discovery platforms that VFILES promotes as a playlist of artists in tune with the business.

As young artists continue to create, VFILES has tirelessly used its platform to bring underserved young talent to the limelight. The DISCOVERY pillar is the culmination of the other two – where each participant has the opportunity to engage and impress the fashion world. The VFILES runway has been an open door for designers, stylists, photographers and the many artists, creators and builders who take part in one of the most anticipated fashion shows at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

“VFILES is known for breaking the rules, and together we can make a huge change,” said Julie Anne Quay, Founder and CEO of VFILES and author of her new book in a dining room full of fashion influencers, music, technology. , business and finance. The hope is that this level of influence can break down yesterday’s rules that have created many barriers for young designers. “The mission of the VFILES Foundation is to revolutionize the talent pool for the next generation of artists and business leaders in the music, fashion and creative industries,” Quay said in a statement after the having dinner.

“We know that creatives who are women, people of color and members of LGBTQ+ communities face distinct challenges that stem from systems, structures and practices designed to exclude them and prevent them from succeeding.” Quay concludes and clarifies that his intention with VFILES is “to disrupt the status quo by giving opportunity to a community of creators and future leaders who have been left out and need a chance”.