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Children’s dinners honoring the AllOne Foundation and CEO John Cosgrove on October 13

EDWARDSVILLE – David Tevet, Founder/CEO of Dinners for Kids, said Monday that over the past three years, the AllOne Foundation has enabled Dinners For Kids to serve more families who have suffered during the pandemic, lost their jobs and lost school meals for their children, who struggled to learn at home.

“On top of that, food prices have skyrocketed due to inflation and supply side challenges, which only adds to the difficulties,” Tevet said.

Tevet announced that Dinners for Kids will host its 5th annual dinner at 5:30 p.m. on October 13 at Misericordia University’s Insalaco Hall, honoring the AllOne Foundation and its CEO, John Cosgrove.

Dinners For Kids was founded over 11 years ago by Edna & David Tevet and Ollie’s Restaurant to fight childhood hunger by providing daily prepared, nutritious and balanced dinners – complete with fresh fruit – to children at risk.

“The goal, and the enduring goal, is to do everything possible to ensure that children never go to bed on an empty stomach again,” Tevet said.

Today, Tevet said the program feeds more than 190 children year-round in the Wilkes Barre, West Side and Dallas areas, providing 60,000 meals a year to children who would otherwise go without dinner or be content with unsatisfying and unhealthy snacks.

“The research is irrefutable,” Tevet said. Healthy meals for children are essential for growth, development and learning. John Cosgrove and AllOne Foundation deserve this recognition and expression of appreciation.

Tevet said nonprofits make the world a better place. In his role as CEO of AllOne Foundation & Charities, Tevet said Cosgrove has helped many nonprofits in our community grow and thrive.

For more information about the dinner, being a sponsor or donating to the program, please visit the website –

Donations can be mailed to: Dinners For Kids, 84 S. Wyoming Ave, Edwardsville, PA 18704.

About Kid’s Dinners

Tevet said Dinners for Kids’ mission is to fight year-round child hunger by providing nutritious, daily prepared dinners and fresh fruit to children in need in our community.

Program narration

Eleven years ago, Edna and David Tevet of Ollie’s restaurant became aware of the extent of child hunger in our garden.

With estimates of 15 million starving children in our country – 11,770 in Luzerne County – the Tevets decided to found the “Dinners For Kids” (DFK) program, with the goal of fighting child hunger. with healthy meals.

“We learned that in addition to the obvious human suffering, childhood hunger has a detrimental effect on children’s physical and mental health, behavior and school performance,” Tevet said. “Discussing with teachers and social service officials, we discovered that there are a lot of at-rrisk children whose only decent daily meals are subsidized school meals.

Tevet said that many children go to sleep on an empty stomach every night, hence the idea of ​​providing these children with freshly prepared, child-approved, nutritious and balanced dinners in microwave-safe containers, accompanied by of fresh fruit.

“We launched the program in February 2011, delivering six meals a week, year-round, directly to children’s homes, ensuring that children will never go to sleep on an empty stomach again.ach and reverse all the negative effects of child hunger,” Tevet said.

Tevet said the program was designed as a system that can be replicated by other dining establishments. Misericordia University and its food service provider – Metz Culinary Management – joined the program in 2016, serving meals to needy children in the Back Mountain. In 2021, the program was replicated in Monroe County, NY.

Today, the program serves 170 at-risk children for a total of more than 50,000 meals per year, to children in Wilkes Barre, the West Side and the Dallas area.

How is the food prepared

and delivered to children?

Food is prepared at Ollie’s restaurant and in Metz at Misericordia, then packed and delivered to children’s homes by volunteers.

What is the cost and how is it funded?

Using the buying power of Ollie and Metz, the efficiency of their kitchen, and volunteers to pack and deliver meals, DFK manages to produce complete meals for $3.20 per meal, or $1,000 per meal. year and per child.

The program depends solely on donations and grants. All funds donated to the program are used for direct meal preparation costs. It is a volunteer-based program with no paid staff and no setup fees.

To date, DFK has served over 300,000 meals to hundreds of at-risk children, raising over $800,000 to cover the cost of food.

How are children identified to participate?

Participating children are referred to the program by schools, guidance counselors and Head Start directors, as well as social workers from Children and Youth Services.

Once a child is identified, DFK feeds all minor siblings in the household. Our aim is to nurture children, when parents/guardians are unable to do so, but to refer them to other social services that can help them get back on their feet.

To accomplish this, in conjunction with the Family Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania, printed information about other local resources, ranging from financial assistance, food banks, mental health services, addiction services, housing and other local providers, are provided to each family. Families are encouraged to call 211 if any other issues may arise.

What results have been achieved?

The results to date have been well beyond expectations. Teachers and social workers report a major improvement in the behavior and learning ability of participating children.

From the letters from the families, they learned that not only do the children not go to sleep hungry anymore, but receiving the dinners also reduces stress in the families and helps them have family dinners together, discussing the day’s events.

The program received a grant to fund academic research from King’s College on the effect of the program on the behavior and academic performance of participating children. The results have been positive.

Ollie’s Restaurant won the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 “Restaurant Neighbor Award”, as well as state awards for 2014 and 2015.

The Metz Culinary management won the 2018 award from the PA restaurant association “Restaurant Voisin”.

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