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Council may accept $199,500 grant application for Manistee First Street Beach loop works

Council could pass a resolution to establish a request for funds, provide the required matching grant, designate Manistee Public Works Department Manager Jeff Mikula as Designated Officer, and agree to future maintenance of the project.

The Michigan Department of Transportation administers a grant program to help pave local streets for communities with fewer than 10,000 residents.

The maximum grant amount is $250,000.00 with a 50/50 match. The amount of the grant request is $199,500.

The maximum MDOT Category B grant amount is $250,000.00 with a 50/50 match. The grant request amount for the First Street Beach loop on Lakeshore Drive is $199,500.

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The First Street Beach loop on Lakeshore Drive has been identified by the city as an eligible street segment with proposed utility work.

The project is already planned in the transport improvement program proposed for construction in 2023.

According to a memo from Mikula to Manistee City Manager Bill Gambill, Category B MDOT grants are available on an annual basis for local streets.

“This program is extremely competitive, and as a result, the city has submitted projects that are already under the Transportation Improvement Fund,” Mikula said in the memo. “We have selected the Beach Loop (Lakeshore Drive) at First Street Beach as a 2023 candidate. The project is already planned, contains stormwater improvements, expansion of parking spaces and is funded by developer contributions, Brown Field TIF captures and funded by Street Fund.’

Disc golf course

Another project near First Street Beach on the council’s agenda focuses on funding creation of a disc golf course.

The council could accept a $22,500 grant from the Minger Foundation of the Manistee County Community Foundation that the city applied for and received.

Funds are expected to be spent on course equipment and materials.

Smoke on the water

Also in the First Street Beach area is the project Smoke on the Water event this summer.

Council could approve the Salt City Rock & Blues Smoke on the Water music event scheduled for July 16 at Douglas Park.

The creators of the event plan to have a Deep Purple tribute band and several local bands, marijuana use and booze for purchase. Marijuana use would be cordoned off in designated areas.

Other topics on Tuesday’s agenda include:

• Council could also consider awarding a contract for the demolition and removal of sewage treatment plant secondary storage tank cover.

During the winter, the storage cover of the secondary digester was damaged beyond repair. Removal and replacement costs are covered by the insurance.

A public offer was received for the cover removal by Zupin Industrial, LLC at $63,075. The engineer’s estimate was $65,000.

The Manistee City Council may consider awarding a contract for the demolition and removal of the storage tank cover of the town's secondary sewage treatment plant.

The Manistee City Council may consider awarding a contract for the demolition and removal of the storage tank cover of the town’s secondary sewage treatment plant.

Photo provided/Town of Manistee

• Manistee Mayor Lynda Beaton and council can also appoint members to a roster of councils and commissions such as the Neighborhood Restoration and Beautification Commission.

• The Board is considering considering collective bargaining behind closed doors with the International Association of Fire Fighters.

• Council also expected to hear a report from Clinton McKinven-Copus for the Manistee Housing Commission.

Tuesday’s meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Manistee Town Hall, 70 Maple Street.

Manistee Town Council Agenda Pack April 5, 2022 by Arielle Breen on Scribd