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Football Foundation announces investment in multi-sport facilities

Scottish Rugby Board chairman John Jeffrey has demanded greater consistency from all teams on the elite side of the game in Scotland.

His call was made at the Union’s first Hybrid Annual General Meeting, held at BT Murrayfield and digitally this morning.

After congratulating the clubs on their recovery from the pandemic, Jeffrey, the former Scottish and British and Irish Lions forward-back, said: “For the most part our high performance teams (last season) flattered to deceive .

“We’ve had fantastic individual results, but a lack of consistency is frustrating for all of our supporters. We need to develop a ruthless streak that is evident in all successful sporting environments.

“After years of continuous investment in our high performance structures, we now expect to see better and more consistent results. There must be an increase in our ambition and associated delivery standards.

“It is true in all fields. In age categories, professional teams and the men’s and women’s national team. »

Jeffrey stressed that the men’s national team must “learn a winning habit that sees experimentation come to an end, ushering in an era of attractive and tough rugby”.

The meeting also heard the chairman, outgoing SRU chairman Ian Barr and Scottish Rugby chief executive Mark Dodson reiterate Scottish Rugby’s absolute commitment to the welfare of the players and offer their heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the late Scotland Woman internationalist Siobhan Cattigan, who raised their concerns about care and wellbeing in a media interview last month.

Jeffrey said: ‘This is a complex and sensitive area and, as you now know, also subject to the possibility of legal action.

“This means that we cannot be as open in responding to allegations made or certain content of the article as we would otherwise like.

“I hope that over time and a thorough examination of the facts, a more accurate and complete picture will emerge.”

Keith Wallace (Haddington) was elected vice-chairman of Scottish Rugby by 85 votes to 49 against Hazel Swankie (Dunfermline), while Colin Rigby (Stewart’s-Melville) succeeds Barr as chairman for a two-year term.

Mark Dodson has reported Scottish Rugby’s unaudited turnover in the 2021-22 season of £57.9million.

He said: “This illustrates a real rebound in revenue, particularly when we had to absorb significant increases in energy costs and increases in the activities of our professional and international teams. Our controllable costs were tightly managed resulting in a much lower budget deficit of £5.3m versus a forecast deficit of £9.2m.

Earlier, Dodson had noted that Scottish Rugby enters the new 2022/23 season with “the strongest cash position in Union history, a growing revenue base, tight and effective cost control and investment funds to develop facilities across the country and here at BT Murrayfield”.

The verified figures and the opportunity for member clubs to review them will be presented at Part 2 of the AGM next month.

Meanwhile, an Orkney amendment has been passed which means the structure of the Men’s Club League competition in the 2023-24 season will change to one ten-team Premiership and four ten-team Domestic Leagues, unlike the shape of this coming season. a ten-team Premiership and three 12-team domestic leagues.

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