Foundation series

Forest conservation goes digital with help from the Nature Conservation Foundation

The Nature Conservation Foundation has come up with a sustainable initiative to bring greenery into our homes through our screens. On International Day of Forests, the foundation launched a whole collection of immersive 360-degree stories about flora and fauna from across the country, using Google Art and Culture.

The Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) was founded in 1996 with a mission to use cutting-edge research and creative solutions to contribute to the understanding of India’s rich wildlife heritage. From coral reefs and tropical rainforests to the highlands of the Himalayas, they strive to better understand the needs of endangered species and create an environment that could make people aware of their ecological surroundings. The organization has established long-term projects in the eastern Himalayas for hornbill conservation, rainforest protection in the Western Ghats, and waterbird monitoring near north-central India, among others.

One can check out the new collection being launched which consists of seven exciting stories ranging from exploring the resilience of a village on the edge of the forest near the Malai Mahadeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka to uncovering the secrets of the rainforests of the Anamalai hills and breathtaking views of coral reels from the Indian Ocean. The idea behind this initiative is to inspect, understand and prevent the natural world through study and social participation.

The conversation of living in harmony with our nature is the need of this hour and NCF is trying to bring it into our homes through a series of incentives like launching nature education programs, drawing on science citizenship and bringing together research collaborators to build capacity. Let this year’s International Day of Forests be your topic of conversation, even if it only begins by removing five minutes from your screen to discover the ecological wonder of India.

You can view the collection here.