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Guardian Capital Group becomes a founding member of The Pond Foundation and will balance annual carbon emissions company-wide from 2022

Guardian Capital Group Limited

TORONTO, April 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Guardian Capital Group Limited (Guardian) (TSX:GCG) (TSX:GCG.A), today announced that it has joined The Pond Foundation as a founding member. The Pond Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to change the way the world acts on climate change. Their flagship climate action program, My zero carbonwas created to inspire people and organizations to take their own strong and credible climate action.

Under this partnership, Guardian and all of its subsidiaries will balance their annual carbon emissions from 2022, both by reducing their own emissions and by investing in external nature-based projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere. .

“At Guardian, we often talk about the opportunity we have to enrich our lives together, which is why we are so pleased to serve as a founding member of The Pond Foundation,” said George Mavroudis, President and CEO. from the management of Guardian. “Not only will they help us better target our own emissions reductions, but we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to invest through them in projects around the world that are making a difference.”

“We are thrilled to have Guardian as a pioneering founding member committed to the strong and credible climate action offered by The Pond Foundation,” said Scott Poynton, Founder and CEO of The Pond Foundation. “They are committed to being zero carbon from now on and have put their money where they are by investing in our high quality nature-based projects which immediately eliminate all current year carbon emissions. atmosphere. In addition to the climate benefits, these projects are generating huge co-benefits for community livelihoods, biodiversity conservation and the environment more generally. We are incredibly excited about all the good what we can do together.

Guardian’s commitment to investing in projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere is initially focused on four organisations:

  • paddy field – Promotes the circular economy from field to home with rice-based building materials.

  • Husk Ventures – Produces carbon-based fertilizers and natural pesticides for smallholder farmers in Asia, transforming rice husk into biochar products to regenerate soils, increase smallholder incomes and sequester carbon.

  • wild asia – Improves soil health and livelihoods by promoting regenerative and climate-smart agricultural practices through the production of biochar by smallholder farmers.

  • Tanoe-Ehy Forest – Improves the livelihoods and governance structures of local people, protects critical habitats and biodiversity, helps to combat illegal logging and bushmeat hunting, etc.

While Guardian’s immediate goal is to balance its annual carbon emissions, the company is also planning to implement the whole My zero carbon framework and will have more to announce in this regard in the coming months.

For more information, please contact:

Angela Chim
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About Guardian Capital Group Limited
Guardian Capital Group Limited (Guardian) is a diversified global financial services company operating in two main business areas: investment management and wealth management. As of December 31, 2021, Guardian had C$56.3 billion in assets under management and C$31.5 billion in assets under administration. Guardian provides extensive institutional and private financial solutions to clients through its subsidiaries, while offering comprehensive wealth management services to financial advisors through its nationwide network of mutual fund dealers, investment dealers and insurance distribution. It also maintains and manages a proprietary investment portfolio with a fair market value of C$752 million as of December 31, 2021. Founded in 1962, Guardian’s reputation for consistent growth, long-term relationships and its values fundamentals of reliability, integrity and stability have been key to its success for six decades. Its common and Class A shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange as GCG and GCG.A, respectively. To learn more about Guardian, visit

About the Pond Foundation
The Pond Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, which exists to change the way the world acts on climate change. Its flagship climate action program, My Carbon Zero, was created to inspire people and organizations to take their own strong and credible climate action. This means taking responsibility for their lifetime carbon footprint (LCB) – all the emissions they have released into the atmosphere since their inception if they are an organization, or since their birth if they are an individual. They then support them to implement ‘RRRI Actions’, meaning their members reduce their own emissions, reduce emissions elsewhere, remove their LCB from the atmosphere, and inspire others to embark on their own My Carbon Zero journey. For more information, please visit: or contact Scott Poynton, Founder, The Pond Foundation & My Carbon Zero at: [email protected] or: +41 79 44 56 277.