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Hamilton Town-Gown Fund announces grant recipients – News

Hamilton College City Dress Fund recently distributed grants totaling $79,450 to seven nonprofit and public safety organizations serving the town of Kirkland and the village of Clinton.

Three organizations received at least $15,000 this year: Clinton Central Schools, the Clinton Central School Foundation and the Village of Clinton. Other recipients include the Kirkland Art Center, the Clinton Fire Department, the Clinton Early Learning Center and the Country Pantry. [The full list, including amounts and purpose, follows.]

The Town-Gown Fund has awarded more than $1 million since grants were first awarded in 2001.

“For 20 years, the Hamilton Town-Gown Fund has provided grants to local nonprofit and public safety organizations that serve residents of the Village of Clinton and the Town of Kirkland,” said Hamilton President David Wippman. “These organizations improve the quality of life of our community and we are happy to help them fulfill their respective missions.

Wippman said a total of $10,000 was awarded to five organizations when the grants were first awarded in 2001, but the overall value of the awards has averaged about $75,000 during each. of the past five years. (The Town-Gown Fund suspended grantmaking activity in 2020 due to the pandemic, but reprofiled those funds to represent a record total of $157,000 in 2021.)

The Clinton Central School (CCS) District was the largest recipient of Town-Gown grants, with 20 awards totaling more than $248,000. This includes $15,450 this year for the Science Olympiad team and Esports team headquarters. CCS also received the largest Town-Gown grant of all time, $25,000 in 2014, to establish a Modern Language Learning Lab.

Town-Gown committee members also announced that each year the fund will identify a grant in memory of Hamilton alumnus Andy Burns, a native Clintonian and longtime community leader who died in 2020 and played a role instrumental in founding the Town-Gown Fund in 2001. This year, committee members designated the $15,000 grant to the Village of Clinton in memory of Burns. A $5,000 grant to the Country Pantry was also awarded in Burns’ memory in 2021.

The Hamilton College Town-Gown Fund was established in 2001 by anonymous donors to foster goodwill and communication between the College and the residents of the Town of Kirkland and the Village of Clinton. Since its inception, the endowment fund has received $1.2 million in donations. Each year, the income generated by the investment of these donations is used to award grants. As stipulated in the agreement that established the fund, grants can only be awarded to organizations and agencies serving the Town of Kirkland and the Village of Clinton, with a primary focus on education.

2022 Hamilton College Town-Gown Fund Grants
  • Clinton Central Schools: $15,450 for Science Olympiad Team and ESports Team Headquarters
  • Clinton Central School Foundation: $15,000 to add a morning program for elementary students and to upgrade technology to deliver morning announcements
  • Clinton Early Learning Center: $6,500 to purchase 100 yards of playground surface equipment
  • Clinton Fire Department: $10,000 to purchase battery-operated extrication equipment
  • Kirkland Art Center: $12,500 to update computer hardware and IT infrastructure
  • Village of Clinton: $15,000 to upgrade the village sign (in memory of Andy Burns)
  • The Country Pantry: $5,000 for general operations
Facts about the Hamilton College Dress Fund
  • Year of creation: 2001
  • Number of years of grantmaking: 20 (granting was suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic)
  • Value of grants awarded to local organizations: $1,079,994
  • Number of organizations that have received Town-Gown grants: 24
  • Number of grants awarded: 161
City committee members
  • Catherine Beck, associate professor of geosciences at Hamilton College
  • Phyllis Breland, administrator of Hamilton College and retired Director of Opportunity Programs
  • Bob Burns, First Deputy Chief of the Clinton Fire Department
  • Chad Davis, Hamilton College alumnus and Oneida County legislator
  • Mike Debraggio, Hamilton College’s executive editor and director of community relations, ex officio
  • Carrie Burns Evans, Clinton resident, Hamilton College parent, and former village administrator
  • Amy Owens Goodfriend ’82, Hamilton College administrator and Clinton native
  • Clinton Central School District Superintendent Stephen Grimm
  • Dick Tantillo, Hamilton College Senior Philanthropic Advisor, ex officio
  • Jackie Walters, executive director of the Clinton Chamber of Commerce
  • David Wippman, President of Hamilton College and Committee Chair