Foundation series

HiiL/FATE Foundation School of Forensic Entrepreneurship (JES) 2022

Deadline: September 30, 2022

Are you a startup that prevents or solves justice issues related to money or family? Do you want everyone to have access to justice at work, at home, in the neighborhood and in business? Apply now for the HiiL/FATE Foundation Justice Entrepreneurship School (JES) 2022.

The Hague Institute for Legal Innovation (HiiL), in partnership with the FATE Foundation, has launched the call for applications for the Justice Entrepreneurship School (JES), a program for East African entrepreneurs. West who are in the business incubation phase and who have innovative projects. ideas about businesses in the justice sector of the economies. HiiL (The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law) is a social enterprise dedicated to user-friendly justice and aims to develop entrepreneurs working on solutions that will meet and solve the urgent justice needs of people in West Africa .

Areas of focus for the prevention or resolution of urgent justice issues include:

  • Use: breach of contract, payment of wages/social security/insurance, working conditions, equal employment opportunities.
  • Family: separation, abuse, alimony, custody and inheritance.
  • Neighbors: excessive noise or disorder, right of way, property damage.
  • Crime: theft, burglary, burglary and bodily injury, lending and borrowing money.
  • Ground: ownership, registration, land use, tenure.
  • Lodging: eviction, living conditions, payment of rent
  • Small business: supplier or customer contracts, taxation, registration, regulatory compliance, fraud, business premises.
  • Public sector: corruption, bribes, access to public services (water, sanitation, electricity)
  • Consumer: unfair/unauthorized charges by company or bank, purchase of defective goods or substandard services, warranties.
  • Silver: Solutions that help prevent or resolve disputes about lending and borrowing money.

Program overview

The program is designed to help participants deepen their knowledge of how to build and sustain innovative businesses that can solve today’s justice challenges. Sessions are facilitated by various entrepreneurial value chain industry leaders, especially social justice professionals with its learning structure, a combination of virtual courses. sessions, case studies and group activities.


To be eligible, you must:

  • Have basic computer knowledge.
  • Have a certificate from a higher education institution.
  • Have a prototype or MVP solution that prevents or solves justice issues like neighbors, crime, money, land, jobs, etc.
  • Have prototype or MVP solutions that cause social change or have social justice-related impact.


The program will run 1 day per week for 8 weeks and 4-5 hours per day. Only the owner/founder/co-founder of the company who applied for this program is allowed to participate.

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For more information, visit School of Forensic Entrepreneurship.