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Huawei and ASEAN Foundation call for collective actions in digital talent cultivation APAC

BANGKOK, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei, together with the ASEAN Foundation, hosted the Asia-Pacific Digital Talent Summit in bangkok Monday, as part of its annual Huawei Connect flagship event.

Under the theme “Cultivate Talents, Unleash Digital”, the summit brings together stakeholders from government, academia and industry to explore avenues for creating a future-ready ICT talent pool and unleashing the digital potential in the Asia Pacific Region.

In his welcome speech, Ekkaphab Phanthavong, ASEAN Deputy Secretary General for Socio-Cultural Community, said, “This summit is essential to forge discussions and efforts on how we can cultivate innovative talents in the field of ICTs in the region, identify their current status, address digital adversities and inequalities, and determine the way forward.”

dr. Yang Mee EngExecutive Director of the ASEAN Foundation hopes that “through the summit, we will lead key stakeholders in the region to build consensus, resolve difficulties and take many steps to address digital gaps, cultivate innovative talents and trigger the digital transformation of the region”.

Meanwhile, government officials from the region shared best practices for cultivating digital talent. Teacher. Nizam, Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of Indonesiapointed out, “In Indonesia, we are transforming our education system to be digital-ready and developing a talent pool of digital technology through multiple initiatives.”

Sok Puthyvuth, Secretary of State, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodiasaid: “Cambodia began including digital subjects in school curricula, leveraging online platforms, and creating community tech hubs for students. In the meantime, we have worked with vocational schools to provide digital training for those already in the workforce.”

Professor GUO Yike, Vice-President, Hong Kong Baptist University introduced the world’s first AI ensemble, Turing AI Orchestra (TAIO) to the public. “TAIO will promote transdisciplinary education to the next generation.” He said. Teacher Hitoshi Yamadaformer vice president of Yokohama National University in Japanexplained how international exchanges can transform digital talent development.

Simon LinPresident of Huawei Asia Pacific, explained Huawei’s talent strategy in the region: “Almost all Asia Pacific countries are empowering ICT talent, especially youth, to drive the digital economy. As a global company rooted in local markets, Huawei will continue to strengthen the talent ecosystem through its leadership, skills and knowledge. »

The speeches were followed by a panel on digital inclusion and post-pandemic recovery. Michele Wuckerglobal bestselling author of ‘The Gray Rhino’, discussed how to boost youth engagement in policy-making to support digital inclusion. Iona Dominicaone of the winning team members of the APAC Seeds for the Future Tech4All competition, shared her plan to help job seekers with disabilities land jobs through cloud and AI.

“Collective actions between the private sector, academia and government could contribute to digital inclusion at this time,” said the professor. Song Guo from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

SOURCEHuawei Connect