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Huawei collaborates with the Wockhardt Foundation and the CanWinn Foundation to run a mobile medical clinic

Huawei India has partnered with the Wockhardt Foundation and the CanWinn Foundation to run a mobile medical clinic, as part of its national CSR initiative. The activity has focused on providing primary health care facilities to the needy in Gurugram town, the town’s slums and nearby areas. Madhu Azad, Mayor of Gurugram; MK Ahuja, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Gurugram; Dr. Ashish Singhal, Chief Medical Officer, and Mayank Joshi, Director of Public Affairs and Communications of Huawei India were present at the launch event.

Initially operated by the Wockhardt Foundation, the mobile medical clinic van is created to meet the needs of approximately 9,600 patients in two months, serving approximately 200 patients daily. The van will be operated by a team of 1 doctor, 1 pharmacist and 1 driver to cover the area of ​​Gurugram district and will conduct free OPD/health screening sessions for the locals. In order to maintain a regular track of the vehicle, the van is equipped with a GPS system, allowing administrators to regularly track the progress of the van.

The van will also provide free basic health services and work on awareness raising on sanitation, hygiene, maternal and child health care, clean water, vaccination, anemia, deworming, vector-borne diseases, HIV, snakebites, diabetes and tuberculosis. Equipment/kits to diagnose Malaria, Hepatitis, Dengue, Typhoid, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and other medical conditions will be loaded into the van. Along with this, the van will also have provisions to refer complicated cases to specialist hospitals.

Dr. Ashish Singla, Chief Medical Officer, Municipal Corporation Gurugram said, “Receiving primary health care is a basic right of every citizen and we strongly believe that our collective effort will enable us to provide health care facilities to every citizen in society. The initiative will help improve Gurugram’s healthcare infrastructure, enabling last mile access to the healthcare facility. This collaboration will also help strengthen our efforts to provide quality healthcare even to vulnerable communities residing across the city, with the support of Huawei’s mobile medical van. »

Comment on the initiative David Li, CEO of Huawei India, said, “The recent past has made everyone aware of the importance of health facilities and their vital importance in saving everyone’s life. At Huawei, we understand this and are committed to improving basic healthcare facilities in all regions, making them accessible to all sections of society. Equipped with all new era medical equipment and medicines, the mobile medical van allows citizens to access basic health care facilities, needed in case of illness or emergency. Huawei’s partnership with Wockhardt and the CanWinn Foundation will be a hallmark in highlighting the need for basic healthcare facilities and support the healthcare system’s fight against any kind of unprecedented health emergency. We have also entered into a similar partnership with the Wockhardt Foundation and the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC), and the medical van is running successfully.

Huawei has also partnered with several NGOs over the years to launch social and community welfare initiatives. Initiatives such as facilitating schools with sanitation and digital facilities, funding research projects from leading institutes, supporting Covid relief and donating to disaster relief funds were just a few. of the main highlights. In addition to this, Huawei, as part of its CSR programs in India, has funded the construction of proper sanitation facilities in 94 schools, funded midday meals for over 55,000 students in over 50 government and affiliated schools. , and built digital/smart classrooms in 101 schools. schools, benefiting nearly 40,000 students across Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh.

The company has also partnered with CSR foundations of industry players to support their initiatives regarding the establishment of a health academy, the provision of IoT solutions for agriculture to farmers in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. , and the creation of a center of excellence in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.