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IUP receives $125,000 in funding from the Statler Foundation to create a registration desk | Way of life

INDIANA, Pa. — It’s registration time for a $125,000 gift to Indiana University of Pennsylvania from The Statler Foundation.

These funds will be used to build a hotel office simulation lab for students in IUP’s Hospitality, Catering, Tourism and Event Management program.

“This simulation lab will be of great benefit to our students as they prepare for careers in the travel and hospitality industry,” said Dr. Stephen Shiring, Deputy Head of IUP’s Department of Management and Director hospitality, catering, tourism and event management. program, says. “This is a very generous donation and we are very grateful to the Statler Foundation for their support. The Foundation is very selective and this donation is a very gratifying recognition of our program’s commitment to excellence.

IUP Hospitality, Catering, Tourism and Events Management is part of the IUP Department of Management at Eberly College of Business.

The simulation desk will be installed in a classroom in the IUP’s Eberly College of Business building. Construction is currently underway and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2023. Once completed, IUP will be one of the few public colleges and universities in Pennsylvania to offer this type of facility and a hands-on training opportunity for students.

“Learning to interact with guests is an integral part of a hospitality career,” Shiring said. “The simulation office will provide students with the opportunity to experience a real check-in and check-out process at a desk that will be custom built to practice check-in and guest service operations,” said- he declared. “This will allow students to familiarize themselves with and familiarize themselves with the procedure, working behind the mock desk and acting as guests for their fellow students. Students will also be able to practice on hospitality industry software,” he said.

The Statler Foundation was born from the estate of hotelier Ellsworth M. Statler following his death in 1928. Its purpose is to support research and train employees for the benefit of the hotel industry. Statler, a self-made millionaire who rose from bellboy to industry legend, founded the largest hotel chain of his day. The Statler Excellence Scholarship was established in 1997 and is awarded to students who demonstrate a high degree of academic performance and aptitude to study the field of hospitality management.

This is the second donation from the Statler Foundation for IUP’s hospitality, catering, tourism and event management program and its students. In July 2021, the Statler Foundation selected Natrona Heights Hospitality, Restaurant, Tourism, and Event Management Specialist IUP Senior Kyle Kubicko for the Foundation’s Excellence Scholarship. Statler, a $25,000 scholarship to be used for tuition, fees, and books.

“We are humbled by the generosity of the Statler Foundation, which will advance our hospitality, catering, tourism and event management program by funding an actual performance of a hotel reception for our students,” said said IUP Vice President for Academic Advancement Khatmeh Osseiran. -Hanna said.

“This educational enhancement will impact the hands-on learning of our students for decades to come and will help IUP prepare leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry. The Statler Foundation’s investment in this capital improvement project and in our students through the Excellence Scholarship will help us continue to provide one of the Commonwealth’s premier hospitality management programs, shaping today’s leaders and future of hospitality,” she said.

Tracing their lineage at IUP since 1916, IUP’s Hospitality, Catering, Tourism and Event Management program offers an exceptional education for its students who wish to pursue a career in this field, providing knowledge and specialized skills for business management. within the hospitality industry.

The program regularly enrolls more than 100 majors each year, making it the largest undergraduate hospitality studies program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. IUP’s hospitality, catering, tourism and event management program is ranked ninth in the nation by Etude.Com.