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Jefferson Economic Development Fund Supports Two Local Tourism Projects | Business

WATERTOWN – The Jefferson Economic Development Fund of the Northern New York Community Foundation has awarded $10,000 in grants to support two community projects aimed at strengthening local tourist destinations.

“This funding opportunity is a meaningful way to help connect the nonprofit sector to the economic development of our region,” Max M. DelSignore, deputy director of the Community Foundation, said in a statement. “There are a myriad of ways that nonprofit organizations directly impact the strength and quality of life in Jefferson County. We will continue to encourage local organizations to explore the correlation between their programs, projects and initiatives and economic growth across the county in the short and long term.

A $5,000 award to the Henderson Harbor Performing Arts Association will support a feasibility study to examine the potential for community improvements in arts and culture through the development of the Mark Hopkins Inn site for a performing arts hall. the scene. The arts association is working with a seasonal resident and a longtime professional affiliated with the performing arts in central New York to determine the feasibility of this infrastructure project. The association is also working with the City of Henderson and the Henderson Business & Community Council to create a performing arts tourism destination that could enhance economic development in the six-city region of southern Jefferson County.

A $5,000 grant was awarded to Watertown First to work with local media and downtown businesses to develop a marketing campaign and targeted outreach to raise awareness of the local economy. Efforts are being designed to attract tourism and revitalize activity in the downtown area of ​​Watertown. Funding will support a media campaign and the purchase of “shop local” tote bags for consumers. Watertown First was established in 2014 to bring attention to the ‘shop local’ movement in downtown Watertown. The organization helps organize and produce an annual market for parties and block parties downtown.

The Jefferson Economic Development Fund was established at the Community Foundation to support programs, projects, and efforts that help spur economic development and promote general well-being in Jefferson County. The fund was originally established and administered by the Jefferson County Chambers of Commerce in 1958. A group of regional business leaders created the non-profit entity to help encourage economic development and growth and the Community Foundation now manages the charitable fund. The Foundation encourages nonprofit organizations in Jefferson County each year to consider this funding opportunity if their organization’s mission and work may include workforce development, initiatives to improve general health and the economic well-being of residents, to strengthen access to arts, culture, educational experiences, social impact, community leadership, etc.

This year, the application for the Jefferson Economic Development Fund will be available in late spring and grants will be awarded in early fall.

Contact the Community Foundation at 315-782-7110 or visit to learn more about eligibility.

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