Foundation series

Job: Advocacy officer at the Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh)

Location: MMC/Jere LGA

Reporting to: CPEiE Team Leader

Type of employment: Fixed-term contract

Duration of the contract 10 months

Tdh in Nigeria implements projects in the sectors of health, WaSH, child protection and education.

Main objective

Reporting to the CP/EiE Team Leader, under the overall direction and technical direction of the CP/EiE Program Manager, the Advocacy Manager works with CP/EiE staff to develop and implement the advocacy strategy of the Tdh organization and develop strategic plans for the agreed advocacy. Goals. He/She supports the Childhood Advisory Group and Advocacy Working Group in identifying concerns related to child protection and education at the community level and conducts advocacy with government, humanitarian actors and/or community organizations to address these advocacy concerns. He/She collaborates with PE and education actors to jointly advocate on child protection and education issues. Support children to identify, prioritize risks, develop a child-led mitigation strategy and ensure capacity building of the Child Rights Advisory Group. The Advocacy Officer is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of individual strategic objectives and updating them as necessary. He/she oversees public and media advocacy and messaging on organizational interventions.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Main responsibilities

  • Perform stakeholder mapping based on initial information on target audiences, available channels, allies
  • Planning and implementation of the advocacy component of the project
  • Develop a communication plan and create a series of communication and advocacy tools highlighting child protection and education in emergency response
  • Oversees the preparation of a diverse range of information communication products in support of outreach and campaign initiatives
  • Provides technical support to the existing children’s advisory group (and establishes new ones where none existed) and facilitates their liaison with the community-level advocacy working group
  • Support the children’s advisory group to participate in the monthly advocacy working group meetings
  • Support the Childhood Advisory Group and Advocacy Working Group in identifying concerns related to child protection and education at the community level and conduct advocacy with government, humanitarian and/or communities involved to address these advocacy concerns.
  • Collaborate with CP and education actors to jointly advocate on child protection and education issues
  • Help children identify, prioritize risks and develop a child-led mitigation strategy
  • Capacity building of the Child Rights Advisory Group
  • Review and implement a child-led advocacy strategy in collaboration with other humanitarian actors
  • Develop success stories, maintain a photo gallery and contribute to the development of newsletters/brochures
  • With the support of the Program Manager and Team Leader, conduct research/assessments/studies on child protection and education issues at the community, sub-ward and ward levels to generate evidence to inform global community practices and policy choices at the national level.
  • Engage humanitarian actors and other stakeholders in the development of the advocacy campaign plan
  • Develop and use advocacy channels for the organization to achieve relevant advocacy goals
  • Support the design of advocacy strategies and engagement plans in collaboration with the project team
  • Coordinate advocacy activities targeting all key stakeholders
  • Develop a 1-year child protection and education advocacy strategy and work plan and monitor progress of goals and activities
  • Update/revise current advocacy strategy and implementation of proposed activities in collaboration with humanitarian actors and the Child Rights Advisory Group
  • Support outreach and communications with other humanitarian actors and stakeholders
  • Organize sessions/trainings for community, child protection and education staff, and local authorities to inform understanding of child protection and education in emergency situations. ’emergency
  • Identify and participate in networks with relevant stakeholders and partners to build strategic relationships on key policy issues and advocacy opportunities, including influencing existing child care and education policies
  • Prepare and participate in advocacy missions and meetings
  • Develop and continuously update briefing notes on child protection and education to provide updates to stakeholders on relevant activities and achievements
  • Represent Tdh in relevant governance, planning and lobbying meetings at ward, sub-ward, state and federal level
  • Undertake communications and media outreach campaigns to support the advocacy strategy
  • Assist in managing the advocacy and visibility components of project activities
  • Work closely with Advocacy and Communications departments at HQ for technical advice and direction
  • Produce monthly and quarterly advocacy reports
  • Any other task assigned by the program manager


  • Strong communication skills, including writing for expert and general audiences and public speaking
  • Creative and out-of-the-box thinker with a demonstrated track record of analytical problem solving/solving challenges.
  • Ability to take initiative, set priorities, multi-task and work well under pressure to meet deadlines
  • Clear and systematic thinking that demonstrates good judgment and problem solving skills.
  • Have a great capacity for organization, synthesis and report writing
  • Strong policy advocacy skills and ability to negotiate and network with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Excellent advocacy, lobbying and training skills
  • Ability to network and function well in a multicultural context and work with diverse teams

Favorite experience

  • Demonstrated experience in conducting desk research, synthesizing complex information and producing advocacy materials.
  • Some experience in supporting successful relationship building/outreach initiatives with stakeholders
  • Some experience working with local and government authorities, humanitarian actors and/or related MDAs.
  • Designed and managed advocacy and campaign initiatives and provided advice to colleagues
  • Experience building partnerships with local authorities, community leaders, and local and state government institutions for desired policy and advocacy changes


  • Commit to respecting Tdh’s risk management policies, including the Tdh code of conduct, the child protection policy, the security and safety policy and the anti-fraud/corruption policy, the policy of denunciation
  • Ensure compliance with Tdh quality standards and requirements in all project activities.
  • Promote and ensure project activities are consistent with child protection principles and humanitarian principles
  • Ensure that project activities are well integrated into the North East Nigeria child protection system and humanitarian coordination practices and guidelines
  • Ensure that Tdh’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Minimum Child Protection Standards are integrated into all programmatic activities
  • Commit to ensuring the best possible implementation of Tdh’s Risk Management Policies
  • Undertake to inform supervisors and to deal with any case, allegation or possibility of transgression, even potential, of Tdh’s Risk Management Policies.


Comply with Tdh security rules


  • Language Skills: Excellent written and spoken English. Excellent Hausa and Kanuri spoken.
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in public health law, law, social sciences, communication, journalism, international relations, public administration or related field is required
  • Professional Experience: Minimum of three years of experience in conducting advocacy related to child protection and education
  • Knowledge and skills: Previous experience with an INGO is mandatory. Previous experience in advocacy is appreciated. Experience in the field of protection, in particular child protection is required.
  • Computer Skills: Excellent computer skills.

Other: Knowledge of the North East Nigerian context would be an advantage

Net salary: NGN 344,000

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