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Killam Family Creates Lucy Killam Memorial Fund After Tragedy

In response to the tragedy, the Killam Family and Metroparks Toledo Foundation established the Lucy Killam Memorial Fund

TOLEDO, Ohio — In response to a family tragedy, a new memorial fund and online movement has sprung up to commemorate a Toledo girl lost too soon.

The #foryouforusforLucy tag is a movement designed to be a virtual hug to the Killam family who raised awareness for the Lucy Killam Memorial Fund through the Metroparks Toledo Foundation.

The Killam family endured a tragedy – the unexpected death of their daughter Lucy, 5, on February 23.

As one of the posts tagged with #foryouforusforLucy states: “How do you tell someone who has suffered unfathomable loss that you understand? This is not always possible and often words will never be enough.

Lucy’s father, Matt Killam, is the Outreach Director for Metroparks Toledo.

His friend Doug Hinebaugh described Matt as “larger than life”. To comfort him and honor Lucy, those who know him, the Metroparks Toledo Foundation has created a special fund in his daughter’s honor.

Public relations director Scott Carpenter said after Lucy’s death people reached out to Metroparks Toledo to find out how they could help. the Lucy Killam Memorial Fund was created to allow the community to show their support. Contributions will be used to fund a project in Metroparks Toledo of the family’s choice.

In addition to the memorial fund, an online movement was launched on Monday. Carpenter collaborated with Hinebaugh to create an online presence. “You feel so helpless,” Carpenter said. The hashtag was meant to be a virtual hug to support the family during this difficult time, he said.

Hinebaugh said the hashtag is a play-off of one of two existing brand tags Metroparks Toledo already uses consistently – #foryouforusforever.

The first post was posted on Instagram at 6 a.m. Monday and at noon caught the attention of Carpets by Otto. The company included the family photo and hashtag on its billboard located on Hamilton Drive East in Holland.

Handmade jewelry artist and owner of Jupiter Oak, Jami Tammerine, has created an exclusive earring design in memory of Lucy. Proceeds from the sale and a dollar-for-dollar consideration from the owner will be donated to the Lucy Killam Memory Fund.

In the center of the earrings are Forget-Me-Not flowers, and Tammerine says she sells five pairs to symbolize Lucy’s age. Each pair will cost $86.00 and can be purchased here.

When words are not enough, actions speak. The community has come together in many ways to show their support for the Killam family. If you want to show your support, share photos of Metroparks Toledo using #foryouforusforLucy or donate to the Lucy Killam Memorial Fund here.

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