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LSU Foundation Leadership and Recipients Detail Charitable Group’s Contributions | New

Located on Nicholson Drive, a three-story building overlooks Tiger Stadium. Its outdoor exterior, covered in floor-to-ceiling windows, conceals within its walls financial opportunities for all LSU students. It houses the LSU Foundation.

According to its website, the LSU Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides philanthropic support to LSU through the work of a team of development officers and a support team from Advancement Services, Communications and marketing, donor relations, and financial and talent management staff.

Sara Whittaker, assistant vice president of communications and marketing at the LSU Foundation, has worked at the Foundation for more than 12 years. The LSU Foundation Center for Philanthropy, she said, was built in 2016 and was the first building to be constructed on the 28-acre site between West Chimes Street and Skip Bertman Drive which now includes apartments, businesses retail and restaurants.

“At the time, this site was the largest undeveloped parcel of college property adjacent to the campus core, and the LSU Foundation was involved in the development of the site, which now includes our building, several residence halls, and retail businesses. retail,” says Whittaker.

Whittaker said the LSU Foundation receives donations from alumni, friends, industry partners, faculty, staff, students and parents.

“Anyone who cares about LSU and wants to contribute to its impact can make a difference through philanthropy,” Whittaker said. “Even small donations have a big impact because collectively, with the generosity of other Tigers, they are changing lives.”

A few areas donors choose to give are scholarships, faculty support, research, capital projects, proven programs and new initiatives, Whittaker said.

Since the Foundation’s inception, LSU alumni have provided academic funds to benefit students, with approximately $50.3 million raised for the Foundation in 2021 in their annual giving report. Whittaker believes alumni support and donations make LSU compete with other universities nationwide.

“Philanthropy elevates LSU’s impact, and LSU’s impact elevates my home state and all of the communities where LSU students and alumni live, work and serve,” Whittaker said. “I received a scholarship as a student, so I was also personally touched by the donor support through the LSU Foundation. And I am a very proud and loyal LSU donor.

Krista Allen Raney, senior vice president of the LSU Foundation, worked with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the EJ Ourso College of Business before leading the LSU Foundation development team. She connects with donors as they invest in students and the university.

She believes philanthropy removes financial barriers for students.

“I have never forgotten the scholarship I received from LSU, and I am grateful to be able to help advance this impact for other Tigers in conjunction with our incredible team at the LSU Foundation,” Raney said.

Karina Ramirez, 2022 graduate, benefited from an LSU Foundation scholarship.

While in college, Ramirez changed his major from chemical engineering to environmental chemistry in his sophomore year. As a result, she lost her scholarship from ExxonMobil and it became financially difficult for her to pay her tuition.

She then received an email informing her that she had been awarded the Patrick F. Taylor Fellowship in Chemistry.

“I thought receiving this scholarship was a mistake because I was no longer an engineering student,” Ramirez said. “I later learned that the award came from donors and members of the LSU Foundation.”

She encourages everyone to apply and seek opportunities within the LSU Foundation.

“Sometimes we seek help like this outside of our state and our home, but help like this may be closer than we think, especially at LSU,” Ramirez said.