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Maa Foundation Key Projects to Boost Education in India

Vapi, Gujarat, India:
Education is the tool to grow and succeed in this rapidly developing world. In an exponentially growing economy like India, where young people make up a massive portion of its population, equal access to education and job opportunities must be a priority.

During the pandemic, many government organizations, private institutions, and NGOs have worked tirelessly to provide education by taking advantage of improved technological tools. Traditional processes of knowledge transmission have evolved and new age techniques such as experiential learning are now favored.

One of the notable institutions working for the welfare of children from underserved backgrounds is Maa Foundation speak Bilakhia Group. The initiatives aim to strengthen the education system as a whole. The Maa Foundation projects are structured to enable growth and a brilliant career for students. The Maa Foundation team is made up of experienced and young members who work to provide quality education to children from country India.

Projects of Maa Foundation of Bilakhia Group are instituted for the benefit of students, teachers as well as parents to bring about positive change and fill the knowledge gap in society by distributing resources equitably and facilitating training. Here are 2 Maa Foundation projects that are reinventing the methods of disseminating knowledge and contributing to the reform of the education sector through innovation:


The rapidly changing world and everything around it people evolves every day. The opportunities and skills needed to sustain oneself in various industries are unknown to much of india population. Given the pace at which rural India is growing, students have a lot to explore and research in order to find a career suitable for their growth. The Maa Foundation Disha Project serves as a practical guide for students exploring their career path. The main beneficiaries of this project are the students of classes 9-12. Disha provides them with the right tools, guidance, exposure and facilities to answer any questions they may have regarding their career. They can explore a variety of career options and take aptitude tests to determine what suits them best. All of this is possible thanks to the Disha project, which acts as a career development platform.

2. Lakshya

Focused on employment, one of the key elements to strengthen the nation, the Lakshya project is one of the key initiatives set up by the Maa Foundation for Indian Youth. Undergraduate students mainly benefit from the interventions that fall under the project. Keeping the global competition in mind, this project helps undergraduate students to hone their skills and prepare for employability. The foundation offers internships at leading companies so that these students can learn from experienced professionals in the industry. This project offers UG students a golden opportunity to excel in their careers by imparting 21st century skills, thus giving impetus to their professional growth. There are courses and programs specifically designed under this project for the advancement of students in rural areas.

Being sustainable, process-oriented and result-oriented, the projects implemented by the Maa Foundation strengthen the Indian education system and contribute to improving the lives of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. And the team hopes to further strengthen its efforts in this direction.