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Mahatman Foundation distributes notebooks and stationery to students in six villages around Lavasa – Punekar News

Pune, 8th July 2022: Being remote from the city population, the villages on the hills around the town of Lavasa lack a quality education system. Most of the villagers cannot afford to send their children to better schools located in places far from Pune.

Many parents do not encourage their children very much in higher education. Most girls have to stop studying after eighth grade as the Marathi middle schools in the region do not have upper grades. There is an English-speaking school run by the Lavasa authority for children from all villages. The huge young population here needs a lot more educational facilities and quality teaching.

The Mahatman Foundation, which has been active in this region since distributing food during the pandemic in 2020, yesterday carried out the second distribution of notebooks and stationery to students in the villages of Bhoini, Kolshi, Ramnagar, Dasve, Mugaon and Dhamnovhal . The school kit contained an assorted set of materials such as notebooks, pen, pencil, drawing book, colors and a compass which varies according to sections like primary, secondary and upper secondary.

The sparkle and excitement in the children’s eyes was remarkable. A small good effort can become such a big encouragement as a paradigm for bigger impacts on lives through community service.

In the words of Sudhir Adettiwar, the organization’s founder, geotechnical engineer and entrepreneur, “It was thanks to scholarship support from organizations like Tata and Birla that I was able to complete my studies at the stranger and enjoy success through hard work today. It is therefore important that people like me carry on the legacy of such good work. Change the life, if you can, of at least one child for good.

In line with the vision, the foundation has also given scholarship forms to support selected bright minds from disadvantaged families for future study. The goal is to empower every child through education. The Mahatman Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2020 with a vision to advance humanity towards greatness by working in education, mentorship, fitness, and advanced scientific research.

To give every child an education, the Mahatman Foundation is taking initiatives from June 2022 to provide educational assistance to children from the economically weaker strata of Mulshi taluka society. The school kit is an assorted set of materials such as notebooks, a pen, a pencil, a drawing book, colors and a compass which varies according to the sections like primary, secondary and upper secondary.

Thousands of children do not have the support of their families to go to school and drop out of school. Education is available for free in public schools, but many children lack support to obtain their school equipment.

Parents affected by poverty had no choice but to restrict the education of children. These children are neglected or rejected by society. These children lack respect and affection. In the age of learning and play, children have responsibilities. Children need support to face the competitive world in order to have a dignified life.

Mahatman Foundation CEO Sam Adettiwar distributed educational kits including notebooks, pens, pencils, sketchbooks and colors to more than 50 students in rural Mulshi taluka. The Foundation aims to encourage deserving and needy students by providing such facilities.

“We distributed educational kits to poor and needy students in several villages in Mulshi taluka near Lavasa. Previously, we conducted a survey, where we found that some families were unable to bear the costs of raising their children and needed help. The kit was distributed in the villages of Dhamanovhal, Kolshi, Mugao, Bhoini, Dasve and Ramnagar Dasave,” Sam says.

In addition, this Foundation has also supported the scholarship program for needy students by providing mentorship to them to qualify for postgraduate scholarships.