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Ministry of Culture announces grants for research focused on the founding of the first Saudi state

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH – The Saudi Ministry of Culture on Thursday announced the launch of grants aimed at boosting knowledge production and research focused on the founding of the first Saudi state. Fellowships titled “The 1139 Foundation Day Research Fellowships” will be awarded to qualified scholars and historians for their unique research work.

The ministry said the grant application can be submitted from Friday, July 1 until mid-August. Researchers can send their research papers, with a word count between 10,000 and 12,000, to [email protected] The Ministry has allocated an amount of SR20,000 for each grant. An additional grant in the amount of SR 10,000 will also be awarded to the researcher if their research paper is accepted in an approved peer-reviewed journal or encyclopedia.

The 1139 Foundation Day Research Grants cover four areas: research and studies on the period between 1139 AH and 1233 AH; research and critical studies on historical sources and documents dealing with this phase; research and studies on the role of the Foundation Day concept in strengthening Saudi national identity, in addition to research dating back to the establishment of the first Saudi state.

The ministry will distribute the grant annually and this in cooperation with the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah). The grant is intended to support research and studies relating to the establishment of the first Saudi state by Imam Muhammad Bin Saud in 1139 AH / 1727 AD, focusing on all political, social, environmental and economic aspects.

The research fellowships target scientists and researchers from all institutions such as universities and specialized research centers in the social sciences and humanities. The scope of the grant in its first year of 2022 will focus on the social, political and cultural history of the first Saudi state, through a variety of topics including culture during the time of the first Saudi state, the urbanization in the cities of Najd, Diriyah before its foundation, and social, educational and entertainment life during the time of the first Saudi state, in addition to poetry, hunting and environmental life in Wadi Hanifa.

The Ministry has established a number of conditions for applying for grants, the most important of which are: work, as current year grants do not include fieldwork, in addition to meeting the deadline of submission. No applications will be considered after the deadline.

The researcher must submit a research summary in 800 words, as well as the justification for the choice of a subject, the methodology, the most important sources on which to rely, as well as the duration of the research with the start dates and planned end, provided that it is within a period not exceeding nine months.

Foundation Day, February 22n/a, is an official public holiday in Saudi Arabia every year. This celebration was approved in January 2022 by a royal decree issued by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman. The day is an annual national occasion which aims to usher in the establishment of the first Saudi state with its capital Diriyah by Imam Muhammad Bin Saud in 1139 AH. He established a state that united the Saudis and gave them stability and security, and spread education, culture and science.

By awarding these grants, the Ministry of Culture aims to intensify the production of knowledge related to this important historical period in the life of Saudi Arabia, as well as to highlight the historical, civilizational and cultural depth of the Saudi state, which dates back three centuries.