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National Hemophilia Foundation Launches Research Fund

The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) in the United States has announced the launch of Journey to Healing (P2C)a new venture capital investment fund focused on creating a transformational impact on all inherited blood disorders.

Investing alongside and in partnership with traditional private equity funds and other industry organizations, P2C hopes to drive the development of hereditary blood disorder therapies, treatments and technologies that are life-changing for the blood disorder community. hereditary.

P2C is launched as an open-end fund with an initial commitment of $3.5m from the NHF as it begins fundraising and partnership outreach to raise $20m over the next few years as that it invests in companies that demonstrate significant potential for transformational impact for the legacy blood disorders community.

Untapped investment

“I am honored to have this opportunity to use impact investing to innovate disease philanthropy and advance cures for inherited blood disorders,” said Teri Willey, who will join NHF as CEO of P2C.

“We believe there is a significant untapped investment opportunity and unmet need to support biotech companies in the clinical development of inherited therapies for blood disorders, regardless of indication or size of affected population. “

A core part of P2C’s investment strategy is to attract outside private capital from traditional venture capital funds to invest alongside the fund. They hope this will close the early-stage funding gap that has been a major obstacle to the development of available therapies for the treatment of inherited blood disorders.

Identify opportunities

P2C offers the competitive advantage of its team’s experience in inherited blood disorder research, combined with access to NHF’s relationships with scientific research organizations and clinical experts.

This will help P2C, which will be governed separately from the NHF, identify the best and most impactful investment opportunities and reduce risk for private equity partners.

The global inherited blood disorder treatment market is worth $14 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $20.6 billion by 2027, according to

According to Willey, this market data is incomplete and only relates to treatments for the three most common disorders, and does not take into account the hundreds of other inherited blood disorders that exist and cannot be treated.

“This signals to us a significant unmet need and investment opportunity,” she said.

Kevin Mills, Scientific Director of NHF and Head of P2C’s Scientific Advisory Board, said, “P2C will work in support of NHF’s global mission of a world free of inherited blood disorders as we create and accelerate the pathway to new life-changing therapies and treatments. .”

Reinvestment opportunity

As a venture philanthropy vehicle, the P2C fund allows any gains made on the investment to be recycled back into the fund for reinvestment, amplifying the impact of donor dollars in as many high-quality opportunities. as possible.

Inherited blood disorders are a category made up of a range of disorders caused by any mutation in the artery clotting cascade that affects the normal properties of blood. According to the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine.

“P2C will address unmet global needs and generate the greatest impact for the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time,” said Lenard Valentino, NHF CEO and Chairman of NHF.

“The NHF will continue its role as a world leader in inherited blood disorder research and community advocacy.