Foundation system

Our commitment to research and new therapies

Epilepsy is grossly underfunded, especially in translating research knowledge into new therapies.

The Epilepsy Foundation has devoted a significant part of its mission since its inception in 1968 to ensuring that the best and brightest young researchers have the opportunity to engage in epilepsy and seizures research. Our goal was to make sure they were building their careers with a focus on epilepsy. As a result, many of the best epilepsy researchers working today received a grant from the Epilepsy Foundation early in their careers.

The Epilepsy Foundation Board of Trustees took a broad perspective to support the best new therapeutic ideas we could find anywhere in the world. So, with our Board of Directors and a long list of amazing relatives, friends and professionals, the Foundation, strengthened by our recent merger with the Epilepsy Therapy Project, has become an organization dedicated to “accelerating ideas in therapies for people living with epilepsy.”

We do not work alone. In addition to the contributions of families affected by epilepsy and their friends, partnerships with other organizations focused on improving the lives of people with epilepsy have been essential to the ability of The Epilepsy Foundation and the Epilepsy Therapy Project to fund new therapies and make an impact. These include critical funding and support from the Milken Family Foundation, NYU/FACES, and unrestricted industry educational grants to support the development of content on

For 10 years prior to the merger, the Epilepsy Foundation and Epilepsy Therapy Project partnered to provide 50/50 funding for our New Therapies Grant Program.

During this time, we have funded 38 of the 85 therapies in active development for epilepsy currently identified in the epilepsy pipeline. The Epilepsy Treatment Project has funded grants and investments only bringing the total impact to 45 out of 85. Most exciting is that over the past year, 3 of our EF/ETP funded projects have reached patients: the Visualase MR guided laser system for epilepsy surgery; the SmartWatch crisis detection and caregiver notification device; and more recently, the NeuroSigma eTns non-invasive stimulator for seizure control.

Our investment in new therapies and research is 100% focused on bringing better treatments in a time that matters to people with epilepsy and seizures. It’s part of our unwavering commitment to the epilepsy community, and we invite you to help us make a difference.