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Passing the torch: the Magdy Yacoub Foundation, a pioneer in the treatment of heart disease in Egypt

With an indisputable place in the hearts of his compatriots, the famous Egyptian cardiac surgeon, Dr. Magdi Yacoub, has been rightly dubbed “the king of hearts”.

After years of tireless volunteering throughout an outstanding career, he saw the need for an organized entity.

In 1995, Yacoub created the charity Chain of Hope, which treats children with life-threatening heart conditions in developing countries.

After 11 years of treating Egyptian children at the Abul-Riche Children’s Hospital in Cairo, he established the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation (MYF) in 2008.

In 2009, the foundation established the Aswan Heart Center, a non-profit NGO that provides free world-class medical services to the less privileged in Egypt and throughout the region suffering from cardiovascular disease, in addition to running various programs training and research.

One of the main activities of the center is to periodically organize workshops to increase the experience and training of cardiologists in Egypt, which will benefit patients and the health system as a whole.

At the end of July, the foundation announced the organization of workshops for cardiologists from different governorates of Egypt, on the latest methods of treating congenital heart defects in children through catheterization.

In a statement released by the foundation, she explained that this technology uses advanced medicine to change a pulmonary valve through a catheter instead of open-heart surgery, which facilitates recovery and produces better patient outcomes. .

“Most cases…of congenital heart defects require open-heart surgery to change the pulmonary valve, but repeated procedures can pose a great risk to patients, and that’s where the foundation comes in.”

“We are able to replace the damaged pulmonary valve by implanting a new valve through the catheter, to become the first and only center in Egypt that implements this new method of medical treatment and without the help of foreign experts. and with a 100% Egyptian team,” Abdul Rahman Al-Afifi, head of pediatric cardiology department at MYF, told Ahram Online.

Al-Afifi added that most of the patients undergoing treatment were able to leave the hospital two days after the implantation of the new lung without repeated blood transfusions.

Over the past two years, operations have been performed on 19 patients, all of whom have recovered.

Dr. Mahmoud Shihata, a pediatric cardiologist at MYF, said the foundation is always eager to transfer its practical experiences in providing the latest surgeries to Egyptian doctors from different governorates.

Shihata added that the goal of the workshop is to teach accurate diagnosis of congenital heart defects to improve the results of interventional treatment, surgical treatment or medical monitoring of children.

He concluded by saying that the workshops cover the full spectrum of cardiology in Egypt, sharing and exchanging experiences with specialists, consultants and professors from different Egyptian universities and health authorities, including comprehensive health insurance and the system educational hospital of the Ministry of Health.

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