Foundation system

Peak Technologies and British Heart Foundation (BHF) join forces to refurbish and resell used computing devices

Peak Technologies – the market-leading provider of digital supply chain, mobile workforce and retail solutions – is proud to announce its new initiative that simplifies logistics to achieve Net Zero goals for companies with corporate social responsibility programs.

Peak Technologies has designed a simple system that all of its customers can get on board. It collects ‘pre-loved’ technology, such as rugged handhelds, tablets and other mobile devices, and finds new homes for them with the help of its charity partner, the British Heart Foundation (BHF). The charity then cleans the devices to a military standard and sells them through its eBay store – the world’s largest online charity retailer. Additionally, for each mobile handset supplied to BHF, Peak Technologies will ensure that a tree is planted in the customer’s name.

Peak Technologies is an environmentally conscious organization that places sustainability at the forefront of its business. The initiative has multiple benefits for society at every stage of the supply chain:

  • Prevent electronic waste from entering landfills.
  • Revitalizing technology for secondary uses has a clear environmental and economic dividend.
  • Selling donated items through the BHF eBay store will help the charity fund lifesaving heart research for the 7.6 million people in the UK living with heart and circulatory conditions.
  • Each tree planted as part of the initiative can recover CO2. (See box for statistics).

Peak Technologies aims to free its customers to do what they do best by taking care of the technological complexities. All businesses need to know is that every step in the process helps reduce their carbon footprint and bring them closer to their Net Zero goals.

Peak Technologies delivers the donated mobile hardware to its charity partner The British Heart Foundation (BHF), which then uses a service called Blancco to erase the devices for resale. As each device is sold through BHF’s eBay store, Peak Technologies then orders the planting of a tree through HutGroup’s more:trees platform. Each customer will then receive a certificate congratulating them on the amount of CO2 saved.

“We are delighted to partner with Peak Technologies on this truly impactful initiative,” comments Karen O’Donoghue, Head of Retail Partnerships at the British Heart Foundation. “Not only does this support the donation of tons of e-waste for reuse and create a sustainable business model for a circular economy, but it will also help us at BHF fund vital scientific breakthroughs that will help save lives.”

“Peak Technologies aims to orchestrate the collective efforts of its customers so that we can all move towards Net Zero together. Whether your passion is to refresh your technology, recycle or fund vital medical research, our expertise can accelerate your Net Zero strategy,” said René Schrama, UK Managing Director of Peak technologies.

Having poured the collective compassion of its technology and logistics experts into this project, Peak Technologies now wishes to share this gift for efficient recycling with the rest of industry and society.

“We strongly believe that by partnering closely with our customers, together we can make a positive contribution to a more sustainable world,” says Schrama.