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Sarah Jones Simmer: The Foundation of Trust [The Knowledge Project Ep. #135]

Sarah Jones Simmer draws on her years of experience as a top-level advisor, investor and executive to offer a series of crucial career advice and discuss how working has helped her rehabilitate after being diagnosed with scary cancer. Simmer digs deeper into scaling a business, making the right hire for your business, women-led businesses, fundraising, setting boundaries, and how she learned to refocus on the big business of life.

Release date: April 19

Simmer is the CEO of Found, a company focused on creating sustainable, evidence-based weight care for everyone. She joined the company in September 2021 after serving as Chief Strategy Officer at Bumble, Inc., the parent company of the wildly popular relationship app. While at Bumble, she was responsible for core strategy, international growth, marketing initiatives, business operations, and the rapid expansion of the Bumble team. She also led the investment strategy for the Bumble Fund, the company’s seed investment vehicle.

Here are some highlights of the conversation:

I spent a lot of time listening, understanding the business, building real trust with the people who had brought the business this far. And I think that’s a lesson I’ve learned for every project, every role since then, is to build the foundation of trust, otherwise you can’t go back and rethink that, can you? it not? You get a chance early on to really get people to trust you and how you’re going to apply your vision to growing the business.

I really think it’s the energy of strong growth that’s intoxicating. It’s like you’re building something that has such a purpose, it changes people’s lives. You learn about the infrastructure as you go, but you really feel like you’re part of something more than yourself.

I felt like I had to work. I didn’t want to be a full-time patient. I like work. I get so much joy out of it. If it also took me away, in addition to what the surgery was going to take away, what the chemo was going to take away, I didn’t want to lose my ability to lean on myself intellectually and build something that we should continue to be so proud of from Bumble.

I think that’s why research on board diversity and management team diversity confirms that companies generate higher returns when they have more diverse voices at the table. It’s not about women versus men, it’s about how do you bring together the best of everyone’s lived experience to get the best results for this company?

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