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New York is pumping extra money into its schools — but that doesn’t mean schools aren’t asking for increased local funding, either.

The state budget approved in April includes $31.5 billion in total school aid for 2023, the highest level of state aid on record and a $2.1 billion increase, or 7.2% from 2022, including a $1.5 billion or 7.7% increase in Foundation assistance, marking the second year of Governor Kathy Hochul’s three-year commitment to fully fund Foundation Aid.

This increase in state aid helps control the tax drawdown of most local school budgets. Proposed budgets, according to information submitted to the State Comptroller’s Office, include:

¯ Bemus Point: A 2.89% increase in district tax to $9,316,717. The district budget is expected to increase from $15,588,352 to $16,084,938. Voters will also have a proposal to purchase two replacement school buses at a cost of $300,000. Megan Kent and Lauren Ryan are running unopposed for two three-year terms on the school board.

¯ Brocton: a 1.09% decrease in the tax levy on a budget that increases expenditures by 1.65% from $17,837,480 to $18,132,136. There are two open seats for the Board of Education.

¯ Cassadaga Valley: A 3.22% increase in tax levies is proposed on a budget that increases spending by 0.77% to $24,903,368. Voters will also have a proposal on the ballot to purchase three 60-40 passenger school buses and related equipment at a cost of $385,355, a resolution establishing a capital improvement reserve fund and a proposed $10.3 million construction. Construction project includes classroom renovations, improved ventilation, mechanical upgrades, new roof, elevator improvements, art and music room renovations, ramp and sidewalk improvements and softball and baseball field improvements in the middle/high school building. Work on Sinclairville Elementary School would include a new playground, classroom renovations, creek stabilization, a pole barn for storage and mechanical system upgrades. Matthew Miller is running unopposed for the Board of Education.

¯ Chautauqua Lake: Chautauqua Lake Central School is proposing a 0.06% decrease in spending in its proposed budget of $23,585,665 with a 0.38% increase in the proposed district levy. Proposal 2 for the Capital Reserve will allow the District to allocate funds to address future capital improvement projects that are not fully funded in the District’s annual operating budget. Reserve funding cannot exceed $7 million. Proposal 3 for the Repair Reserve will allow the District to respond to public safety issues on campus by allocating funds for unscheduled facility repairs, equipment failures, and infrastructure replacement. The proposal states that the unrestricted general fund balance from 2021-22 can be transferred with a maximum amount of $750,000. There are also three candidates vying for two school board seats. The runners are Kenneth Shearer Jr., Mary Lee Talbot and Andrea Munsee-Wellman. Shearer and Munsee-Wellman currently serve on the school board, while Talbot has served in the past.

¯ Dunkirk: a 1.91% increase in expenditure to $52,396,017 with a 1.99% increase in tax levy to $5,856,811.

¯ Falconer: No increase in tax levies is proposed in a budget that also includes no increase in spending from the District’s 2021-22 budget of $7,133,890. Tom Frederes and Robert Carpenter ran unopposed for the school board.

¯ Forestville: a tax increase of 3.44% is proposed for a budget that proposes to increase expenses by 3.68% from $13,028,780 to $13,508,760. Taxpayers will also have a proposal for an $8,475,000 capital project to replace building roofs, furnaces, replace boilers, improve parking lots, complete interior and exterior renovations, make energy saving improvements energy and a proposal to purchase a 24-passenger wheelchair bus for $79,041 and a 30-passenger school bus for $63,536.

¯ Fredonia: a 2.03% increase in expenses to $31,930,024, which is accompanied by a 1% increase in tax levies. There are two seats available on the school board, with candidates Steve Johnston and Sheila Starkey Hahn running unopposed.

¯ Frewsburg: A 2.72% property tax increase is proposed on a budget that increases spending by 8.16% to $20,534,750. The district will also ask voters to approve the purchase of three diesel-powered buses for a maximum cost of $360,000. The district will receive 75% to 80% state aid for buses.

¯ Gowanda: a 0.33% increase in expenditure to $34,210,405 which requires a property tax increase of 1.85% to $5,253,417. Voters will also have a proposal to purchase a 30-passenger school bus at an estimated maximum cost of $59,893.07 and two 66-passenger school buses at a combined maximum cost of $252,411.62. Voters will also have a proposal on the ballot to increase tax collections for the Gowanda Free Library from $50,000 per year to $58,000 per year. There are three candidates vying for three positions on the school board: John Y. Waterman Jr., Barbara Weston and Shauna McMahon.

¯ North Collins: A 3.12% increase in expenses to $16,773,821 increases taxes by 1.44% to $5,757,938. Voters will also vote on a $7.95 million capital improvement project that includes a new grass pitch, renovating the district sports hall, lighting the sports field, replacing student lockers, renovation of the elementary school entrance, new roofs and digital panels in both buildings.

¯ Panama: No increase in tax levies is proposed as part of the budget, which increases spending by 4.55% to $13,522,638. There are two vacancies on the Board of Education.

¯ Pine Valley: A 7.05% increase in expenditures to $17,597,214 is proposed with no change to the District’s tax levy of $3,410,344. Three positions are open on the Board of Education, with Josh Howard, William Pekrul and Larry Zollinger running unopposed.

¯ Randolph: a 2.2% tax increase to $4,777,911 for a budget that increases spending by 2.1% to $20,930,008. There are three open positions for the school board, with incumbents Kyle Brown, Daniel Jackson and Julie Milliman running unopposed.

¯ Ripley: a decrease of 1.15% in expenditures to $9,634,122 while the district tax levy is proposed to increase by 0.04% to $1,863,681.

¯ Sherman: the tax levy should increase by 1.77% while the expenses should increase by 5.06% to reach $11,176,500. There are three candidates – Kristin Irwin, Colleen Meeder and Travis Weise – vying for a seat on the school board.

¯ Silver Creek: The budget is expected to increase by 5.95% to $27,469,891, although the district’s proposed tax levy increases by 1.95% to $6,344,616. Voters will have three non-budget proposals on the ballot. Proposal 2 proposes to purchase two 66-passenger buses at a total cost of $237,692 paid from the district capital reserve for vehicles. Proposal 3 would establish a new capital reserve fund for capital improvements, the fund not to exceed $8 million. Proposal 4 would establish a new capital reserve fund for vehicles not to exceed $2 million. There is an open seat on the board of education, with Joel Blasdell and Michael Grisanti, an outgoing board member, running.

¯ Sud-Ouest: it is proposed to increase taxes by 2% to reach $13,789,846, while expenses should decrease by 2.38% to reach $30,898,841. Voters will also vote on Proposition 2 to purchase two 65-passenger school buses for $147,506, a 66-passenger bus for $147,506 and a 32-passenger special needs bus for $156,145.

¯ Westfield: A 0.98% increase in expenditure for the budget of $17,122,216 would include an increase in tax levies of 0.91% to $6,231,950.

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