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Senior Systems Analyst at NRF National Research Foundation

Job summary:
The primary focus of the work is to perform signal-level modeling, design, and testing of the systems and algorithms that make up the signal path in radio telescopes. This covers analysis of how each subsystem/algorithm along the signal path from antenna to data product changes the signal and its quality, including analysis of external influences on the signal path. signal, whether intentional (e.g. in-line calibration) or not (e.g. fiber phase instability, pointing errors), etc.

Main responsibilities:

  • Provide quality analysis, typically at all levels of the systems hierarchy, including business or organizational aspects, covering systems aspects of systems Support systems and commissioning engineers by providing analysis of architectures and solutions with vague or abstract specifications
  • Assist telescope systems engineers in adapting SARAO systems engineering processes appropriately by preparing signal path analysis components of verification and validation plans
  • Advance systems and product maturity through input based on proven skills and competencies in signal chain systems analysis
  • Review and integrate multiple activity reports into system-level analysis reports to ensure the quality and integrity of findings and recommendations in uncertain contexts
  • Contribute to the strategic leadership of SARAO and its programs through experience-based inputs and conceptual/strategic thinking
  • Advance SARAO’s organizational maturity through the development and implementation of analysis processes within SARAO’s systems analysis and broader systems and business process engineering environment
  • Supervise or coach up to 5 analysts in the field of system performance analysis and more specifically signal analysis

Minimum qualification:

  • Baccalaureate / Advanced Diploma / CNC 7

Minimum experience:

  • B
  • Eng/B
  • Sc (Eng) with 9+ years; ORM
  • Eng with 7+ years; ORPhD/D
  • Eng with 5+ years


  • Recognized expertise in the field of radio astronomy and/or radar signal processing and analysis
  • Principles and Instrumentation of Radio Astronomy
  • Analyze the performance of complex signal-based systems in the field of radio astronomy
  • Data processing of signal-based systems
  • Demonstrated experience using systems analysis tools
  • Produce outputs and results directly usable for systems engineering and project management decisions


  • In-depth knowledge of the field: o Signal processing techniques (analog and digital) in radio astronomy
  • o Systems engineering life cycle process with special focus on analysis of emergent properties
  • o Technology areas in signal-based systems (RF, EM, analog and digital electronics, etc.)
  • )o Systems and engineering analysis, technology and/or software based on theoretical aspects and experience with systems analysis methods, procedures, tools and techniques

Additional notes:
The candidate should have the following skills/abilities/competencies: Operate independently or as a project manager when required, to provide signal chain analysis of systems, typically at all levels of the systems hierarchy, including understood the dynamic behavior of complex systems for signal chains within systems of systems. Work within multidisciplinary and multicultural teams and stakeholders, to form an effective interface between science and engineering [URL Removed] multi-domain systems analysis across multiple products, sub-systems and multiple systems [URL Removed] signal processing tools and software in processing signal data from analog and digital signals [URL Removed] in computer software programming languages ​​(Python, etc.)Use advanced interpersonal skills to influence change in the behavior of complex systems and operational environments. Develop and apply innovative analytical methods, techniques and tools to improve the analytical capabilities of [URL Removed] organize complex issues to define a plan of action and assign tasks Communicate expertly and confidently both orally and in writing to gather information, work team members and present [URL Removed] and mentorshipWorking and delivering successfully under [URL Removed] The Senior System Analyst will operate within a matrix engineering organization and be deployed across multiple telescope or system projects and teams with different specific roles as dictated by the current organization. [URL Removed] The NRF website provides more details on initiatives and activities
Applicants must submit a full CV by registering and applying online through the NRF Recruitment and Selection Portal.
Applications should be accompanied by a cover letter indicating the candidate’s suitability for the position.
The names and contact details of at least three arbitrators must be provided.

Desired skills:

  • Skills in the field of application of the position
  • Knowledge to be relevant
  • Responsible in the performance of duties

About the employer:

The National Research Foundation (NRF) supports and promotes research and human capital development through funding, the provision of national research facilities and science outreach platforms and programs to the wider community in all fields of science and technology, including natural sciences, engineering and social sciences. and human sciences.
The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) spearheads South Africa’s activities under the Square Kilometer Array Radio Telescope, commonly referred to as SKA, in engineering, science and building. SARAO is a national facility operated by the National Research Foundation and integrates radio astronomy instruments and programs such as the MeerKAT Telescope in the Karoo, the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO) in Gauteng, the African Interferometry Program Very Long Baseline (AVN) in nine African countries as well as associated human capital development and commercialization efforts.

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