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The Eileen Fisher Foundation launches HEY FASHION!, an initiative dedicated to tackling the fashion waste crisis

NEW YORK, July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Eileen Fisher Foundation (EFF) announces the launch of HEY FASHION!a digital platform organized by Pentatonic which hones the complex subject of textile waste into tangible actions to initiate change, containing comprehensive content backed by key industry insights and rigorous research.

HEY FASHION! exposes the problems of textile waste while conveying the financial, environmental and social opportunities that textile circularity can offer. EFF’s broader mission is to prove to the fashion industry the benefits of tackling the climate crisis, urging fellow brands, foundations, innovators, waste collectors and consumers to get involved to push forward. circularity.

The platform provides tools, guidance and key information to facilitate the transition to circularity. Key takeaways educate industry entities on how to take tangible action, avoid greenwashing and mitigate risk; influence better decisions towards net zero ambitions. Such content prepares companies to be successful leaders in sustainable fashion in a time of new legislation and growing consumer pressure.

HEY FASHION! aims to start a global conversation on how to contribute to a carbon-neutral future by developing textile recycling infrastructure, promoting underutilized technologies to keep textiles from going to landfill and bringing about profound changes in consumption behavior.

“As the leader of an apparel company, I feel the urgency to address the challenges the industry is facing around textile waste, overconsumption and circular design,” says Eileen Fisher, Founder of EFF and her own eponymous brand. “By inviting Pentatonic to study the current state of circularity, my intention is to facilitate meaningful collective action that moves the industry forward.”

A big hurdle to the fashion industry’s commitment to a circular system is translating the overwhelming amount of research into actionable action. Pentatonic’s team of circular consultants and textile experts provide a clear 8-step action plan:

  1. Scale Sort
  2. Invest in recycling
  3. Do less, buy less
  4. Work together
  5. Design to last, design to recycle
  6. Define and standardize
  7. Leave the fossils in the ground
  8. People, Planet, Profit

“HEY FASHION! is brought to you by people who have implemented solutions over the past decade; it’s built in collaboration with dozens of contributors who create the technologies, solutions and infrastructure for fashion every day. net zero,” says Jean Boedecker, Founder and CEO of Pentatonic. “Our content, while backed by rigorous research, will seek to be nonetheless engaging, intelligible and above all practical.”

Large-scale educational tools from HEY FASHION! will provide continuous and evolving content to all stakeholders, including creators, manufacturers, brands and retailers, investors, regulators and citizens. The platform will include spaces for discussion, connection and ultimately action.

Research to date will be available for free in a variety of formats on and multiple social media platforms. HEY FASHION! is in early conversations with additional donors and foundations to expand scope and scale to reach a wider audience.

Interested in being a donor or a strategic partner? Contact us here: [email protected]

About the Eileen Fisher Foundation

The Eileen Fisher Foundation (EFF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization led by sustainable apparel pioneer Eileen Fisher. Our mission is to inspire possibility by bringing people together to transform global systems for a better world.

About Pentatonic

Pentatonic is a design and technology consultancy that powers the sustainable transformation of the world’s leading brands. Their end-to-end expertise in the circular economy and sustainable innovation enables them to create holistic strategies rooted in first-hand experience to bring about lasting change across a range of industries.

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