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The Ford Foundation’s Big Left Influence: The Ford Foundation Millions

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Summary: A “leftist” billionaire who has been a major influence on our politics for decades and yet escapes almost all media scrutiny. This is all the more striking since Henry Ford died in 1947 and only developed his left-wing politics after his death. People spend his money – $150 million a year – on left-wing groups that advocate all kinds of left-wing policies. Things were going badly in 1977, when Henry Ford II, grandson of Henry Ford, loudly resigned of the foundation’s board of directors, declaring on his way out that well-heeled staffers had no appreciation for the capitalist system that left them with so much loot to play with. The Ford Foundation continued its march to the left.

The mainstream media has a big obsession with big money in politics. Google “Koch Brothers” and you’ll unleash a torrent of negative stories from the conventional titans of print and broadcast media. Try it with “George Soros” and the torrent slows to a trickle.

But there is one “leftist” billionaire who has been a major influence on our politics for decades and yet escapes almost all media scrutiny. It is all the more striking that he died in 1947 and that he had no leftist policy even during his lifetime. The hugely influential billionaire who escapes the critical eye of mainstream media is Henry Ford, the Ford Foundationand the people spending the fortune left behind by the automobile pioneer.

Earlier this year, the folks at Ford shipped a $2 million grant to NC master plan, a North Carolina tax-exempt nonprofit with a left-leaning political agenda. Today a law Warning at the bottom of the group’s web page states that it is a “public charity” which is “strictly prohibited from participating in or intervening in any political campaign” and that its “activities shall be strictly non-partisan “. But the very name is a partisan metaphor: Blueprint NC’s mission is to (politically speaking) make the state “blue”.

Ford Foundation Millions

In 2013, the Charlotte Observer revealed that Blueprint NC circulated a strategy note to its leftist allies outlining a plan to “weaken our adversaries’ ability to govern by crippling their leaders.” The missive specifically named its targets: the then recently elected Republican governor of North Carolina. Pat McCrory and GOP leaders in the state legislature. In case it wasn’t clear enough, the document reiterated elsewhere that the goal was “to eviscerate the rulers and weaken their ability to govern.”

Dozens of other partisan fighters across the country have received more than $150 million combined from people spending Henry’s money in 2021. Now with net assets At just under $16 billion, the Ford Foundation has for decades been one of the most influential leftist partisan donors in America. This pattern had become so severe in 1977 that Henry Ford II, grandson of Henry Ford, loudly resigned from the foundation’s board, declaring on his way out that well-heeled employees had no appreciation for the capitalist system. who had left them so much booty. play with.

Like Blueprint NC, some of the other partisan players who rake in Ford’s big bucks can sometimes suffer the indiscretions of the political press. But the same cannot be said for the payers behind the scenes. The people spending Ford’s money literally can’t buy bad press from mainstream mainstream media.

Center-right journalist Ira Stoll has compiled an embarrassing collection of lick accounts from only New York Times. In April 2020, months before Joe Biden was even the Democratic presidential nominee, Times columnist Thomas Friedman was pushing the president of the Ford Foundation Darren Walker as an excellent choice for a Biden cabinet. This was preceded by a gushing in July 2019 Times profile of Walker and was followed in September 2020 by another inflated interview. In September 2020, the hard diary went with a sweet title: “How being a 13-year-old busboy prepared Darren Walker to lead the Ford Foundation.”

Stoll concluded with the revelation that Ford subsidies pay for the Times to report the news. An example was a $1.5 million grant from Ford to Times which was announced in . . . December 2020. (Ahem . . . nothing to see here . . .)

Try to imagine similar profiles for a political donor with an eight-figure net worth who donates $150 million each year to right-wing groups such as Americans for Prosperity. If you’re not feeling very creative, just create some Darth Vader music and insert “Ford Foundation” as a subject in comments such as “Why Charles Koch wins when our energy system fails” (New York TimesMay 2021).

“Why the Ford Foundation wins when our energy system fails” might even be a clumsy but somewhat apt description for more than $3.5 million disbursed by Ford in 2021 to left-wing climate alarmist organizations that hypocritically oppose to our largest and most reliable source of zero-carbon energy: nuclear. Noting the virtue and critical necessity of carbon-free nuclear in a 2018 report, Nature conservation amazingly recommended ambitious goal to increase nuclear’s contribution to global energy production from 7.8% to 33%.

On October 18, 2021, the Ford Foundation made uncritical headlines with its announcement that it would divest from fossil fuel investments. the PBS NewsTime Account said: “Going forward, the foundation says it will invest its energy portfolio in alternative and renewable energy, and in funds that ‘address the threat of climate change and support the transition to a green economy’. “

And . . . drum roll . . . PBS also said: “Editor’s Note: The Ford Foundation is a funder of the PBS NewsHour.”

To expect that a carbon-free or even just low-carbon future will come solely from weather-dependent energy sources such as wind and solar is to expect that lights go out and people start to lustfully look at each other as sources of protein. This is indeed the agenda of at least seven of the Ford Foundation’s 2021 grant recipients.

This report examines these recipients and dozens of other left-wing advocacy groups who have benefited from the more than $150 million the Ford Foundation has given them this year.

The $150 million figure is a conservative estimate. That doesn’t even include paying PBS or the Times. In the 1990s the Public Service Broadcasting donors solicited with the slogan: “We are PBS. If we don’t, who will?

Well, since PBS won’t, the Capital Research Center will.

The reports are based on grant information provided by the Ford Foundation website and InfluenceWatch profiles.

In the next installment, the Ford Foundation has awarded millions of dollars to environmental groups pushing for 100% decarbonization of the US economy.