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The Foundation for Higher Education will create a platform to bring together higher education teachers and researchers

The Higher Education Foundation took a step towards developing its vision for the reform of the Indian higher education system at the Visioning 2022 workshop, held at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC.

The foundation wishes to create a unique platform to bring together higher education teachers and researchers of Indian origin and wishes to organize the largest multidisciplinary convention in the world for the development of strategies and the transformation of higher education in India and the -of the.

The Higher Education Foundation will facilitate collaborations with overseas universities, educators and regulators overseas to better understand how to improve our educational environment. The goal is to enhance and transfer knowledge through the process of deliberations, guest lectures, research, and thought leadership.

Conceived by Rahul Karad, Executive Chairman of MIT World Peace University, more than three and a half years ago, the Higher Education Foundation will be an association of Indian universities, All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), University Grants Commission ( UGC) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and NSF of the United States, with prominent education leaders and scholars from India and the Indian diaspora in the United States.

“Hundreds of millions of students need upgrading in India and the quality of education in India is uneven and variable. Indian research, in my opinion, is mostly supported by the government whereas the United States has a more robust system. We need to keep in mind the differences between the two countries’ systems when discussing how to partner, there is a lot of experimentation and innovation needed. The greatest thing about the American education system is the Land-Grant laws and I wonder if there is a version of it that can be enforced in India? said Suresh Garimella, president of the University of Vermont.

The workshop had noted panelists, 18 Indians and 10 from the United States, and they discussed innovative partnerships, entrepreneurship and commercialization, research ecosystem and pedagogical innovations in higher education . The panel, through discussions, explored possible partnerships that can be implemented on a large scale in the areas of undergraduate studies, study abroad or doctoral programs, early-stage faculty development career centres, network centers and others.

The Visioning 2022 workshop had over 50 attendees and the Foundation is already planning to have more at the convention scheduled for next year.

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