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The Hannon Armstrong Foundation Announces New Partnerships to Advance Climate Justice

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Grants to support underserved communities with programs focused on community resilience, sustainability careers, and building energy retrofits


The Hannon Armstrong Foundation (NYSE:HASI), a nonprofit, philanthropic organization whose mission is to accelerate a just transition to an equitable, inclusive, and climate-positive future, today announced three new multi-year partnerships with leading nonprofits focused on community resilience, sustainability careers, and building energy retrofits.

The Foundation’s partnerships with Groundswell, SEI and Southface Institute will provide funding to improve direct access to affordable clean energy and health-enhancing products and services for communities facing disinvestment and inequality; provide education and training opportunities for careers in climate solutions at historically black colleges and universities and those serving other communities of color; and equip nonprofits with the financial and technical resources to make lasting improvements to buildings.

“The Hannon Armstrong Foundation is committed to supporting the most influential organizations working at the intersection of social justice and climate action,” said Jeffrey W. Eckel, president of the Hannon Armstrong Foundation. “We are honored and grateful to help support the growth of these unique programs and services offered by Groundswell, SEI and Southface Institute.”

Meet our partners:


Groundswell empowers community energy through community fair trade solar projects and resilience centers, clean energy programs that reduce energy loads, and pioneering research initiatives that help light the way to a clean energy future for all. She leads clean energy programs and projects in six states, including the District of Columbia, serving more than 5,000 income-qualified customers with more than $1.85 million annually in clean energy savings.

With financial support from the Hannon Armstrong Foundation, Groundswell will develop up to eight new Community Resilience Center sites in Baltimore, help advance at least two Community Resilience Center sites into the construction phase, and identify an additional community from Maryland ready to develop its own energy. resilience center program.

Groundswell Resilience Centers combine solar and energy storage on a microgrid to keep lights, heating and air conditioning on when power goes out, providing essential services to community members who are more likely to experience outages and less likely to have adequate resources during emergencies. Their approach puts communities first by involving local residents to identify where resilience centers should be built and to determine which services are prioritized.

“Building energy resilience can do more than keep the lights on. Resilience can be restorative, support community regeneration and create wealth. It is our privilege to be alive at a time when the transformation of our systems energy can do justice, and it is our joy to serve that vision,” said Michelle Moore, CEO of Groundswell.


SEI (Strategic Energy Innovations) is a non-profit environmental organization that trains leaders to deliver sustainable solutions. For nearly 25 years, SEI has partnered with schools, communities and organizations across all sectors to develop a leadership journey from elementary school to early career. Its flagship programs (Energize Schools, Energize Colleges, School of Environmental Leadership, Climate Corps and Energize Careers) educate and empower students and emerging professionals to build thriving and resilient communities. SEI’s Climate Corps program is an award-winning career gateway scholarship program that recruits and places aspiring climate professionals at institutions of higher learning to implement climate change equity and resilience projects.

With support from the Hannon Armstrong Foundation, SEI will expand its Climate Corps program. SEI will train the region’s future climate and energy workforce and build capacity at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and other universities serving historically underrepresented communities in the world. climate space to advance climate protection initiatives in the region. SEI will build on the existing partnership between the Hannon Armstrong Foundation and Morgan State University as part of the pilot year of its expanded on-campus Climate Corps.

“The Hannon Armstrong Foundation and SEI both realize that the world needs more people from all walks of life who are implementing climate solutions in their communities,” said Cyane Dandridge, Founder and Executive Director, Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI) . “Building the next generation of climate leaders takes teamwork, and SEI is grateful to the Hannon Armstrong Foundation for expanding the Climate Corps program to build the capacity of minority-serving institutions, support professional training and a high-quality mentoring and building networks focused on sustainability.

Southface Institute

Southface Institute is a non-profit sustainable building organization that enhances equity and the environment by transforming residential and commercial structures at every stage of the building life cycle. Since 1978, Southface has worked with other nonprofits, businesses, builders, developers, universities, government agencies, and communities to provide practical solutions with tangible results for the planet and all its inhabitants.

With financial support from the Hannon Armstrong Foundation, Southface will pilot a new model of employee engagement through its GoodUse program, which equips 45-50 nonprofit organizations each year to reduce operating costs and achieve savings to be reinvested in basic services to the community. This is accomplished through facility and operational upgrades that increase resource efficiency, reduce utility bills, and improve indoor air quality. As part of the pilot, Hannon Armstrong Staff Ambassadors will help vet and select recipients from their own communities. These communities will benefit from increased investment while the environment will benefit from reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

“Southface is thrilled to partner with the Hannon Armstrong Foundation to grow GoodUse’s impact in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast,” said Jim Neal, Acting President of the Southface Institute. “This expansion will pay off for nonprofits and communities across the region in profound and lasting ways, while mitigating climate change. With our goals aligned and the deep need for mission-driven investments, this is a powerful partnership.

About the Hannon Armstrong Foundation

The mission of the Hannon Armstrong Foundation is to accelerate a just transition toward an equitable, inclusive, and climate-friendly future. Hannon Armstrong funds the Hannon Armstrong Foundation through an annual social dividend. The Foundation’s philanthropic priorities include providing climate solutions to disadvantaged communities; support the career paths in climate solutions of historically disadvantaged populations impacted by climate change and energy transition; and strengthen the social fabric and promote the economic and climate resilience of our local communities. For more information, please visit

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