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The Heart and Stroke Foundation stresses the importance of recognizing the signs of a stroke

A – Arms. Can both arms be lifted in the air?

S – Speech. Is their speech slurred? Do they make sense?

J – Time. If you recognize face, arm, and speech symptoms, call 911 immediately.

“When we talk about stroke, timing can mean the difference between life and death or the difference between full recovery and lasting disability,” adds Berscht. “So it’s very important to call 911, get this process started, get the whole system in place, and not hesitate.”

Berscht says world-class stroke research is happening right here in Alberta, noting that many breakthroughs in research have taken place over the past 30 to 40 years.

“A lot of the treatments that have been developed have really revolutionized care,” says Berscht. “We have excellent anti-clot drugs that are constantly being improved. We have endovascular therapies that they are really pioneering here in Alberta.

“We also have a great telestroke program that started about 15 years ago,” she continues. “It uses video technologies to connect small communities with stroke experts in larger centers so that everyone has access to this expertise and physicians can connect in real time to diagnose and assist in the treatment of stroke. , no matter where they are in the province. This has actually expanded over the years and now includes things like prevention, rehabilitation, and recovery, in addition to acute stroke diagnosis and treatment.

Berscht says June is also a fundraising month for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, so she encourages Albertans to consider donating to the organization and its events this month.

“Whether you donate $10 at the door, whether you donate $1,000 online, all of those things add up and we appreciate every donation, and that’s what led us to the breakthroughs we’ve had in research, to be able to fund world-class research right here in Alberta,” says Berscht. door and walk and go back to their normal lives, so these are all the gifts that make all the work possible.

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