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The Izmirlian Foundation continues to support the YSU Sarkis and Marie Izmirlian Library

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Recognizing the role and impact of academic institutions in supporting the development programs of countries in transition as well as the paramount importance of public access to information, communication and research infrastructure, the Izmirlian Foundation in cooperation with Yerevan State University (YSU) extends the project on “transformation of infrastructure of YSU Sarkis and Marie Izmirlian Library” aimed at modernizing the facilities of Sarkis and Marie Izmirlian Library in the service of a large community of students and researchers, in line with international standards.

Among the first large-scale initiatives implemented by the Izmirlian Foundation in Armenia was the support to the Yerevan State University Library in its technical and content improvement. In 1996, the Foundation played a crucial role in the reconstruction and technical upgrading of the library building, which was later named in memory of Sarkis and Marie Izmirlian. In 2018, the Izmirlian Foundation supported the reconstruction of the main hall of the Sarkis and Marie Izmirlian Library. In 2019, the Izmirlian Foundation, in cooperation with Yerevan State University, supported the momentous renovation of the Library’s Philology Reading Room, transforming it into a quality learning environment in line with international standards and making it accessible to people with disabilities. The library has around 16,000 readers and the refurbishment of the reading room has greatly increased the flow of students currently welcoming 300 to 400 people daily.

With this latest initiative, the Izmirlian Foundation, in cooperation with Yerevan State University, aims to foster an enabling environment for improving information literacy, learning and social cohesion by rehabilitating and fitting out the reading room of the Sarkis and Marie Izmirlian library of exact sciences.

The direct beneficiaries of the project include students, professors, researchers of the Exact Sciences Faculty of YSU and other students of YSU as well as students from other universities/institutes.

The Izmirlian Foundation has been implementing numerous charitable and development projects in the education, health, social, innovation and tourism sectors in Armenia and Artsakh since 1990 with the aim of supporting socio-development. -economic of Armenia and Artsakh. The Izmirlian Foundation remains committed to continuing the implementation of various philanthropic projects moving forward in line with Armenia’s ongoing challenges and developments.