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The Knight Foundation Invites White Nationalist Tucker Carlson to Speak on the Future of Information

The Knight Foundation was founded in 1950 to “support more effective democracy by funding free speech and journalism, community arts and culture, media and democracy research, and the success of American towns and villages where the Knight brothers once published newspapers.”

Sounds like a laudable goal, which makes you wonder why he invited white nationalist Tucker Carlson to speak at an event he sponsors called The Future of Information: Trust and Polarization. It really goes against the Knight Foundation’s belief in “engaged, equitable, and inclusive communities,” unless its definition of inclusiveness lends legitimacy to powerful anti-democratic fascists.

From Check My Ads Institute:

  • Tucker Carlson has contributed to election misinformation, using his platform to promote stories of “significant voter fraud” without evidence.
  • Tucker Carlson aired several interviews with Thomas Caldwell, the leader of the Oath Keepers, after he was accused of seditious conspiracy. To date, the segment is live on and still describes Caldwell as a “trustworthy person.”
  • Tucker Carlson is currently promoting his new movie Patriot Purge, a 3-part series that claims the J6 insurgency was planned by the FBI and other national security groups. This movie is based on unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

The mission of the Knight Foundation states that “we believe that informed citizenship is essential to the successful functioning of representative democracy”. Carlson runs counter to these values, intentionally guiding his audience toward a white nationalist worldview.

It is clear that Tucker Carlson is not contributing to the Knight Foundation’s mission to support an informed population. However, it will continue to reinforce Carlson’s mission to disguise his lies, conspiracy theories and white nationalist arguments as news and journalism. The legitimacy you provide him will help him continue to misinform his audience and undermine our democratic process.

If Adolf Hitler arrived today

They would send a limo anyway

(“White Man In Hammersmith Palace” by The Clash, 1977)