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The Scripps Howard Foundation invests in journalists around the world

CINCINNATI, August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Scripps Howard Foundation is offering a $3.8 million grant to fund the “Disarming Disinformation” project with the International Center of Journalists (ICFJ). The three-year project will enable journalists and journalism students to tackle misinformation in the media.

“Disarming Disinformation” will operate as part of the ICFJ’s Pamela Howard Forum for Global Crisis Reporting, which connects journalists in the United States and around the world with experts to strengthen their reporting. Forum Honors ICFJ Vice President Pamela HowardTrustee Emeritus of the Scripps Howard Foundation, and her decades of leadership and contributions to journalism.

Thousands of journalists and journalism students, including those from the Howard Centers for Investigative Journalism in University of Maryland and Arizona State Universitywill receive training on topics such as verification and fact-checking and digital security.

The project will fund research into new tools to fight disinformation and enable journalists around the world to collaborate on disinformation investigations and disinformation campaigns. The aim will be to produce and share resources, including case studies of solutions revealed by research and lessons learned.

“Since the war in Russia Ukraine to the global pandemic of COVID-19 to attacks on democracy in United States and elsewhere we have seen how these lies can have fatal consequences,” the ICFJ President said. Sharon Moshavi. “Every journalist in the world must become a disinformation reporter, and Disarming Disinformation will help meet this urgent need.”

“Journalists face an uphill battle with inaccurate and false information spreading at an alarming rate,” said Liz Carter, President and CEO of The Scripps Howard Fund and The Scripps Howard Foundation. “This approach will not only help journalists detect misinformation and misinformation, but also expose them to practical solutions to combat this problem, which is undermining trust in journalism around the world.”

The initiative will begin with a series of training webinars followed by in-person workshops. The Scripps Howard Foundation grant will help fund the project through 2025.

Founded by members of the Scripps and Howard families, The Scripps Howard Foundation was recently joined by The Scripps Howard Fund as the philanthropic organizations of The EW Scripps Company.

About the Scripps Howard Fund The Scripps Howard Fund is a public charity that supports philanthropic causes important to The EW Scripps Company (NASDAQ: SSP) and the communities it serves, with a particular focus on journalism education, excellence in journalism and children’s literacy. At the crossroads of the classroom and the newsroom, the Fund is a leader in supporting journalism through scholarships, internships, recruitment and development of minorities and First Amendment causes. The Scripps Howard Awards are one of the industry’s greatest honors for outstanding journalism, and the Fund’s annual “If you give a child a book…” children’s literacy campaign has given away thousands of new books. to children in need across the country. To support its mission to create a better informed world, the Fund also partners with Scripps brands to raise awareness of local issues and support organizations that help build thriving communities. The Scripps Howard Foundation, an affiliate of the Scripps Howard Fund, supports Scripps’ charitable efforts through its endowment, key assets, and major gifts.

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