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The Zaha Hadid Foundation Announces New Leadership and Museum Effort | News


Zaha Hadid, 1950-2016. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Dmitry Ternovoy.

The long-awaited inaugural phase of what will eventually serve as the future headquarters of the Zaha Hadid Foundation (ZHF) London is now set to go after the organization announced a planned new museum and research center initiative for two locations in the adopted hometown of its late namesake.

The two sites will be split between the former location of London’s Design Museum at Shad Thames, which was acquired by ZHF in 2013, and the studio’s longtime home in Clerkenwell at Bowling Green Lane, which it left the year last due to concerns about workspace limitations during COVID.

Together they will house a collection of over 10,000 objects including paintings, sketches, furniture, fashion design, jewelry, models and other media which are all directly from or related to the work of the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize. .

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Additionally, the foundation announced the appointment of Paul Greenhalgh as its first director. Greenhalgh has held several academic and curatorial positions in the UK and Canada.

“In the creative and intellectual spirit of Zaha, we will also address the state of architecture and related arts of our time, through education and research programmes,” said the former director of the Sainsbury’s. Center. “Zaha enjoyed teaching and promoting understanding of modern architecture and art. She has constantly sought to provide access to the world of architecture and design to young people and a wider audience.

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Plans for the exhibition component of the museum are still underway. ZHF says the intention is to continue its mission to “actively support[ing] young people and students from diverse and complex backgrounds in their quest to become architects, designers and scholars. This will be accomplished through a series of scholarships, grants and other awards administered by the new director of research and learning, Jane Pavitt, whose hiring was also announced by the Foundation.

A collaboration with the curatorial MA program of the Courtauld Institute in London is also in preparation. Designer names and an early unveiling were not available at press time. Archinect will share a project timeline once it becomes available.