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TIF Funds Approved for Aeropark Project

The Columbus Redevelopment Commission will help fund part of a project located on the campus of Airpark Columbus College.

The commission voted Monday to approve the Community Education Coalition’s (CEC) request for $100,000 for on-campus “infrastructure needs.” The funds come from the commission’s Airport Tax Increases Funding District.

Redevelopment commission member Shannon McDonald withdrew from the vote, as he sits on the coalition’s board of directors.

CEC officials said in an earlier meeting that the funds were for a landscaping and access project on the southwest corner of campus. The project received a $1.7 million grant from the Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative, and the coalition raised an additional $600,000.

The commission’s contribution brings the project’s budget to $2.4 million. John Burnett, CEO of the Community Education Coalition, said the $100,000 will provide support for geotechnical surveys, engineering, design and infrastructure.

The corner is part of a larger long-term project. The Cummins Foundation Architecture Program awarded a grant for a landscaping framework for the Airpark campus and a detailed design for its southwest corner. Seattle-based architecture firm Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (GGN) was selected as the designer for the project from a shortlist recommended by the foundation.

The landscaping project involved a number of community and campus stakeholders, with the CEC helping to lead the discussions. Work was spurred in part by the construction of Moravec Hall, the new building on the Ivy Tech Community College – Columbus campus that is now part of the southwest corner of the Airpark campus.

Most of the $2.4 million for the corner project will be used in areas near Moravec Hall and the Columbus Learning Center. Burnett said there were several reasons for this. One is the desire for a new entry to Ivy Tech.

“We also need to have a connection between the Columbus Learning Center and the Ivy Tech building so that there is access to the southeast corner of the learning center because at this time there is no delivery area. services available,” he added. “There used to be, but now with the new building at Ivy Tech, there isn’t.”

According to Burnett, the project partners are currently carrying out preparatory work for the development of the design and will work on design reconciliation in October. It is expected that there will be a “deep dive” into design development with GGN and campus partners from November to the end of December, followed by work on construction documents in January and February. . The tender would then take place in March and April, and the construction should take place from May to November.