Foundation series

Todd Schulkin keeps the spirit of Julia Child alive with his foundation

Can you talk about what you hope viewers will take away from the show and how you hope it will steer them towards the foundation?

From the show, we’d love it if they researched and learned more about the foundation and what we do because we think we do important and exciting things. At the same time, I think our point of view was more one of our roles and goals that we set for ourselves – it wasn’t necessarily something that Julia asked for – is to keep her legacy alive. One part that this series I think does really effectively is, and especially in times that are even darker than we imagined in the world, the sheer joy that Julia has brought to life and to others and how much her story is inspiring and empowering, beyond learning to cook, and we sometimes think of Julia as if she was a life coach before that was a thing.

This is what we hope this series will bring [to] people, both joy and fun and either a throwback to all the things Julia stood for and stood for, or for young people who might not be as aware of the details of her story or have never heard of her before she had this exploration, this exposure, and hopefully a longer-term commitment to the things she believed in. I’m really excited to share it with the world and from the foundation’s perspective, we’re really happy with the creative outcome and can’t wait to hear what the public thinks.

How might this change or add depth to fans’ perception of Julia’s career?

It’s a great observation because it’s great to see Julia being more than just a romantic notion and to see her proactive and determined, and the show is inspired by her life. There are certainly liberties taken. It fits the big bones of his story very well, but some things are out of order, because they’re not in the actual chronological order in which they happened.

The creative team made incredible decisions to make the show dramatic, inspiring and enjoyable for the audience as a “drama” in its own right. It also never deviated from the true spirit of what Julia did. For example, in real life, Julia did not lobby GBH for the show. They asked her if she was interested, but dramatically, that can be a bit boring. Julia secretly pressuring them is very true to her spirit; even though it didn’t happen in real life, it’s something she could have done. The show does a great job of capturing those engaging and inspiring aspects of who Julia was as a person and those are the things that really helped her achieve the incredible accomplishments that she did, even if they didn’t not exactly produced that way because it’s not a biopic.