Foundation capital Announces $14M Seed Funding Round Led by Foundation Capital

PALO ALTO, Calif., August 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Turing.coman automated platform that enables companies to reduce the time it takes to hire software engineers from months to days, a company announced today. $14 million seed funding round led by Foundation Capital and including a number of high-profile investors. Turing taps into a global pool of developers to help companies hire in markets like San Francisco and new Yorkwhere it is difficult and expensive to hire and retain the best software engineers.

“Turing was able to raise such impressive seed funding because more and more companies have now shifted to remote working. COVID has accelerated the shift to remote working that has already been underway for a few years. Fast-moving tech companies need Silicon Valley-caliber remote talent, and they needed it yesterday. Hiring and retaining high-quality engineers in the Bay Area is expensive, and it takes a long time to find the perfect developer that fits the job. better. For high-growth startups and tech unicorns, not having the right developers at the right time can mean the difference between monumental success or missing a market window. We built Turing to solve that problem,” said Jonathan Siddharth, co-founder and CEO of Turing. “Turing’s verification is extremely rigorous and designed by engineering leaders from Facebook, Google, and other major tech companies. We’ve built an automated verification engine to assess developers for different types of jobs, technologies, and Seniority Levels By bringing Silicon Valley-caliber talent to companies in markets where they struggle to hire skilled software engineers, we remove a major barrier for companies looking to scale quickly and scale their business. »

Turing currently has 160,000 developers from 140 countries registered on its platform. Using a combination of data science and artificial intelligence as part of its sourcing, verification and management tools, Turing enables companies to rapidly scale their engineering teams. Turing Platform companies can reduce the time it takes to hire software developers from months to days.

“Turing uses data science to automate end-to-end developer vetting, matching, and management. We create in-depth developer profiles with automated vetting and use them for matching. These developer profiles are updated with real-world performance data that will make future matches more accurate,” said Turing CTO and Co-Founder. Vijay Krishnan.

Jonathan and Vijay realized the immense potential of remote global talent while successfully growing their latest AI startup with remote distributed teams. Turing intends to use the additional capital to continue to develop its platform, refine its automated matching, monitoring and management tools, and increase headcount in the sales, engineering and service departments. organization marketing.

Turing round investors include Foundation capital directed by Ashu Garg, Adam D’Angelofirst CTO of Facebook and CEO of Quora, Gokul RajaramCyan Banister, Beerud Sheth, founder of Upwork, and Jeff Morris well as executives from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Amazon.

According to Garg, “When Indian outsourcing and the IT revolution were in their infancy, I predicted that the market would grow 100 times in the next decade. People thought I was crazy at the time and, in retrospect, my prediction seems crude. I feel the same way about Turing. We’re creating a new category around remote and distributed work. The future of work is remote, and we’re just getting started. .”

Turing offers customers a two-week trial period to ensure a successful technical match. Turing’s platform provides tools that enable effective management of remote teams to maximize efficiency and integration with existing team members. Turing’s vertically integrated system is a stack that includes: automated provisioning, verification, matching, management and productivity tracking.

Turing’s clients span a wide range of startups and Fortune 1000 companies, including Lambda School, VillageMD, Ohi Technologies and Nexus Events.

About is an automated platform that allows companies to “push a button” to hire and manage developers remotely. Turing uses data science to automatically find, verify, match and manage remote developers around the world. Turing has 160K developers on the platform from almost every country in the world.

Turing’s mission is to help every remote technology company build teams without borders. Turing’s investors include Foundation Capital led by Ashu Garg, Adam D’Angelofirst CTO of Facebook and CEO of Quora, Gokul RajaramCyan Banister, Beerud Sheth, founder of Upwork, Jeff Morris well as executives from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Amazon. Tech CrunchThe Information, Entrepreneur and other major publications profiled Turing.

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