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UConn Receives Federal Research Grant From Crumbling Foundation | Connecticut and area

The University of Connecticut has received more than $660,000 in federal funding to support crumbling foundation research, U.S. Representatives Joe Courtney and John Larson announced today.

The research will focus on the effect that the mineral pyrrhotite has on concrete and the degradation of concrete foundations that contain the mineral.

The award will come from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, for which Courtney and Larson secured $2 million in federal research funding in 2020 as part of the House Expenditure Program for the 2020-21 fiscal year. .

“The work being done at UConn on crumbling foundations gives us a better understanding of the issue and helps us chart a path forward for affected families,” Courtney said in a statement today.

He said university researchers helped replace the foundations of a condominium complex in Willington last year after he tested positive for pyrrhotite in its foundations, which helped provide relief to residents. .

Ruined foundations lawyer Debbie McCoy said in the statement that UConn’s research into crumbling foundations is “extremely important” and would provide a faster and cheaper method of discovering how much pyrrhotite is in a foundation can be damaging.

This will be the second federal award given to UConn for the search for crumbling foundations; the university also received $768,000 from NIST in 2020.

Ben covers Coventry and Tolland for the Journal Inquirer.