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University of Guyana Foundation Inc agreed on major fundraising activities based on four major challenges

Dear Editor,

Since the launch of the University of Guyana Foundation Inc. (UGF) on February 8, 2022, several articles have been released by the University of Guyana Publicity and Communications Division and featured in the media, including your journal. These detailed in detail the objectives and activities of the UGF whose website establishes the mission of the foundation to raise funds and develop partnerships in support of the strategic plan of the University of Guyana (UG Blue Print 2040).

Following intensive discussions within a highly dedicated Board of Directors and distinguished groups of associates in the US, UK and Canada, UGF has agreed to major fundraising activities based on four grand challenges, each accompanied by several funding priorities which I hereby elaborate for the benefit of readers.

Grand Challenge 1. Invest in human capital and the sustainable future of Guyana which includes the following priorities: creation of scholarships specifically for students in need and partnerships with international academic, research and innovation centres; contribute to the rapid increase and upgrading of UG faculty by obtaining terminal degrees and postdoctoral fellowships as well as postgraduate studies at UG; fund professorships and endowed chairs to attract top researchers and professionals to enhance the reputation of UG; and the creation of an omnibus endowment fund.

Grand Challenge 2: Create a green UG for a green Guyana and a sustainable global environment with priorities that include the development of sustainable housing for students on all campuses; create safe spaces, walkways and sidewalks and beautify/landscape the Turkish campus as well as other UG campuses.

Grand Challenge 3: Modernize essential systems and services. This includes the preservation of the Guyana Special Collection housed at the UG Library; upgrade UG student facilities on all campuses; the creation of dedicated sports facilities including a modern sports complex.

Grand Challenge 4: Accelerate centers of excellence and innovative research institutes with a focus on the development of an institute for the empowerment of women; a creative and performing arts center to enhance Guyana’s cultural enterprise by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

An omnibus endowment fund has attracted a series of programs and projects supported by a cross-section of alumni and friends, and corporate sponsors from around the world. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UG, 2023-2024, the office of the Vice-Chancellor, Paloma Mohamed Martin, has planned some sixty activities involving numerous partners in Guyana and in the diaspora. In this context, UGF welcomed the partnership with Demerara Distillers Limited for a specially blended rum. This important gift was conceptualized and developed by a master distiller and two associates, all UG graduates, as a tribute to their Alma mater. The Foundation hopes that alumni, friends and others will join UGF in its efforts to maintain UG as a viable national university and a vital catalyst for Guyana’s development.

Yours faithfully,

Edward Greene


Foundation of the University of Guyana Inc