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University of Zurich and Cardano Foundation expand academic blockchain research

  • The Cardano Foundation has declared a three-year joint effort with the Blockchain Center at the University of Zurich
  • It will explore blockchain innovation and investigate the advancement of blockchain education
  • The institution will work with the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (BDLT) group at the University of Zurich

Through the organization, he will study research points such as the viability of agreement conventions and examine well-defined vectors of aggression for Ouroboros, among many others.

As stated by the CEO of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard, the association allows the institution to provide information to the UZH BCC to extend the university’s information on the Cardano scene and, simultaneously, promote more Cardano itself.

As blockchain moves from boundaries to norm, much more scientific exploration should improve understanding and eventually gain acceptance. To this end, we have even explicitly included education as the central objective of the establishment for the coming year.

Dr. Claudio Tessone, a teacher at UZH, agrees that the organization will be helpful to UZH, and feedback from the Cardano Foundation is invaluable in co-developing exam questions and approaches, Tessone said.

Cardano Growth

Tessone understood the fact that the goal of their association is the advancement of the blockchain field. Our goal is to interface a miniature way of behaving with the global properties of blockchain-based frameworks, he said.

The importance of blockchain education was also showcased during the new MENA Climate Week coordinated by the United Nations and the Government of Dubai. On occasion, the board has found that enlightening and instructive material is something the environmental activity area needs.

In the meantime, a report from a knowledge company shows that institutions are entering the Cardano phase. Huge trading volume, accumulated Cardano (ADA) trading volume above $100,000 increased 51x in March 2022.

Ouroborus is the name of Cardano’s agreement component, which calls the primary secure proof-of-stake agreement. Stake Confirmation is an instrument of agreement that expects customers to stake their digital currency to gain consent to create a square and enhance network reliability.

Education delegates

Cardano delegates have often promoted this system as making it better than proof of working organizations, like Bitcoin. Proof of work expects clients to expend effort, as opposed to digital currency, to create a square, raising environmental concerns among lawmakers and the media.

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In any case, the developers of Cardano stand out for their thoroughness and caution when building the convention. The first Ouroborus convention was made in light of a friend who leaned into research, and his progress is flowing back to the university community with this new coordinated effort.

For example, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) last month proposed that foundations provide instructive blockchain resources to monitors and policymakers. This would, theoretically, lead to further investigation into elective blockchain applications, for example, in clinical supply chains.

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