Foundation capital

Westerner Foundation Capital Campaign 2021 raises more than $ 7.6 million

2. Innovation & Events

3. Education and community engagement

4. Other programs and services aimed at providing exceptional guest experiences through top-notch facilities.

Earlier this year, the Westerner Foundation, in partnership with a group of volunteer community leaders interested in the future of Westerner Park, launched fundraising efforts to support the Capital Programs pillar. These leaders, chaired by Campaign Chairperson Joan Donald, are proud to announce that more than $ 7,674,513 has been raised, which will support major maintenance and future improvements to Westerner Park.

“For more than 130 years, Westerner Park has been the center of Alberta destination for the celebration – combining tradition and vision, rural and urban, and agriculture with sport and entertainment, ”said Joan Donald. “The fundraising donors demonstrate an ‘active’ Western spirit that helps us look to the future with a sense of hope and enthusiasm for generations to come. ”

A commemorative print donated by Peter and Kathy Lacey will be on display at the Peavey Mart Centrium to commemorate this milestone. The coin illustrates the rural roots of Westerner Park supporters and recognizes contributors to the 2021 fundraising campaign.

Kathy Lacey also runs Cowboy Kicks, whose first annual event will be held on March 18, 2022, with proceeds going to the Canadian Sports Medicine Team Pro Rodeo and the Westerner Foundation in support of the fundraising campaign.

“This is a major project for the Westerner Foundation and shows the impact each of us can have when we come together to support local organizations,” said John Donald, President of the Westerner Foundation. “Westerner Park will continue to be a hub for central Alberta, advancing our agricultural industry and generating economic benefits for our community,” added Donald.

Deb Beck, Chairman of the Westerner Park Board of Directors and member of the Westerner Foundation, shared her appreciation: “Thank you to the 2021 fundraising donors – your support demonstrates the important role Westerner Park plays in our community. Thank you to the Donald family, who have been ambassadors and long term contributors to Westerner Park. And thank you to the volunteers, staff, sponsors, partners and millions of guests who have been a part of Western events for over 130 years. We look forward to our continued contribution to the success and quality of life in central Alberta.

Officials say funds from the 2021 fundraising campaign will be invested in Westerner Park infrastructure over time, with priorities and plans determined through detailed analysis and led by the Westerner Foundation and Westerner Park executives.